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Say Hello to the New Ice Bucket Challenge: #Wakeupcall Campaign

Paris Hilton's Selfie. Image source:
Paris Hilton’s Selfie. Image source:

According to the Business Insider, more than $95 million was raised by the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Believe it or not, there were even more than 6 million concerned individuals who took the challenge. After its huge success, what’s next?

Earlier this month, half the world was in awe when celebrities and even super models post their interesting selfies. Yes, this isn’t your ordinary selfie, instead it should be a photo taken immediately right after you just had your night’s rest.

How did it begin?

It all started when Jemima Khan, a journalist and a Unicef ambassador, posted her kind of selfie early in the morning. As she posted it on her social media account, she challenges a few people, including her ex-boyfriend, Hugh Jackman, to take the challenge.

What about the #Wakeupcall Campaign?

The idea is more like that of the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is by the way, what she wishes and hoped for. She wanted it to become a huge success and save the Syrian refugees. More than 80,000 individuals, young and old, male and female, who are housed in the Zaatari Refugee camp. The camp is in the neighboring Jordan keeping Syrians free from tragic violence happening in their country. Since 2011, they have begun to settle in this camp and considered it their permanent home as the fighting still continues.

So, what’s all about the #WakeUpCall? As Jemima took a picture of herself and nominated a few of her friends, she also donates to the Unicef’s Wake Up Call Campaign

Naomi Campbell’s Selfie. Image Source:

Khan considers it a competition with the viral campaign about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where people are not only enjoying taking the challenge pouring a bucketful of ice to themselves, but also helping the ALS patients. Not to mention, promoting awareness about this kind of health condition.

Meanwhile, women are also challenged with the #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign for Cancer Research. Although it’s a different campaign, the thought of taking the challenge, nominating people, and donating for humanity is such a heart fattening act. And even if these challenges are against your wishes, at the end of the day, you will realize that with your one good act, you have made someone happy and improved his/her quality of life.

Ready to take the challenge?

Celebrities respond quickly to this campaign. But at some point, I thought to myself if I would be nominated, will I be willing to take the challenge? I am not into taking photos and most of all, selfies, but looking at it, maybe I could try it myself too? Probably, not this time yet. Perhaps, no sooner, I would. As women are more concerned with their looks and image, especially with no make up on and taking a selfie early in the morning is really a challenge. I like the idea of how body wraps work. Wearing the mask in less than an hour and taking it off should make me create a great wake up selfie. Now, I am more than excited, I know it should be taken against my wishes, but hey! For the love of humanity, I am willing and ready to take the challenge.

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