4 Notable Games Made by Kids That Proved Creating Games Isn’t Just for Adults

The Scoop: We always thought that adults should make a way to make games friendly for kids. However, these kids make their own games that are not only creative but also enjoyable to play for both young and old alike.

Technology is shaping how people go on about their daily lives. One of the things that technology has given us is video games. Video games have been around for so long. And it has been the companion of people during their free and not-so-free times.

Who doesn’t want to play video games? Although it may have its share of good and bad, you can’t deny that they are fun and cool. When you were a kid, you just can’t have enough of them. Parents will have to haul your butt out of the house so you can have quality time with the outside world. We always think that playing games are fun before.

However, these kids not only think that games are fun. They also thought to make their own games! Here are the games that are made and designed by kids.

Quacky’s Quest

quacky quest
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Games are meant to be fun and can give people a great time. However, not all of us can enjoy playing video games. To people with disabilities, it’s hard for them to be able to enjoy the normal games that are available. Even though there are games made for them, no one made a blind-friendly game in fifth grade.

Dylan Viale is a fifth-grader who developed a game for his blind grandmother called Quacky’s Quest. The game was a maze-crawling game made by a software called GameMaker. You play as a duck named Quacky and your goal is to safely navigate through the maze while relying on your sense of hearing.

He also entered his game for his school’s science fair and won first place. However, it wasn’t an easy game-making for Dylan. It took him a lot of designing and playtesting as well as experiencing bugs and game problems. Despite all of that, he pushed through and fulfilled his goal to share what he loves to do with the person he loves.

Bubble Ball

There is not much to do when you are a kid. You play, you eat, you go to school and you spend time with friends and families. However, Robert Nay has different ideas. Making his first website in third grade, Robert programmed the game Bubble Ball for the iPhone.

Bubble Ball is a free physics-based game that garnered 2 million downloads after two weeks. It became very popular that it even replaced Angry Birds from the top spot. The game took only a month when his friend’s dad suggested it. He used a Corona SDK software which he learned how to use by himself.

Robert’s mother helped a great deal. She lends a hand in drawing some of the puzzles, doing the business tasks such as submitting the game to apps stores and supporting her son in the endeavor.

Biglands: A Game Made By Kids


Technically speaking, Biglands: A Game Made by Kids is not made by kids. That is to say, the game wasn’t coded by kids, unlike the other games. However, all the game, from the gameplay and controls to the graphics and overall concept are made by kids.

Diego Acevedo, an iOS app, game and Biglands’ designer made the game as a gift for his two nephews, Austin and Palmer. It is an adventure, side-scrolling platformer game which features the art of the two boys from the font to the monsters and main character.

Biglands also won as the Best Platformer Game in the 2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest. Although, it may not be made by kids, what is having an ability to code games when you don’t even have a game concept? This shows how a kid’s input makes games more enjoyable to play.

Car War 1

Car War 1 was made by YouTuber aSongScout’s 5-year-old brother in 2015. Even though this game was only published on YouTube and it didn’t win any awards, I decided that it still deserves to be here. Why, you might ask?

The past games made by kids are created using a game making software such as GameMaker, Corona SDK, and so much more. Car War 1 wasn’t made from all of those games. It wasn’t even downloaded. It was created using Microsoft Powerpoint. I played the game and I think it was impressive for a 5-year-old to create that using Powerpoint only.

The moral of Car War is that you don’t need to get a fancy game-making software just to make a game. Creativity is one of the most important element when you are making games. You can check Car War 1 and even download it for you to try.

Game On, Kids

Making video games isn’t that complicated, it also isn’t that easy either. Imagination and creativity is your ticket to making a great game concept. Passion and determination to be able to finish it and don’t give up. Having fun and enjoying what you do makes it more special.

Nothing is impossible right now. Anyone, young and old alike, can make their own games. You can make it anywhere as well, pen and paper, a game software or default computer accessories such as Powerpoint.

If kids are able to play video games, they should be encouraged to try and make their own video games. It would exercise their knowledge in coding as well as enhance their problem-solving skills when troubleshooting their game’s bugs and glitches. It helps equip them with skills that they will be able to wield when they grow up in the near future.

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