5 Different Flooring Technology for Your Personal Space

.Understanding the different types of flooring technology will help you decide which one to install in your property. Each of the flooring types have their own unique characteristics that make each of them special. It can also add aesthetic value to your property. Below are the 5 different flooring technology and their description that you can choose from.

  1. Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring
Source: The Spruce

Cork flooring is being used for many decades already. It became trendy nowadays because it is a renewable resource. This means that cork is being harvested without the need of cutting down trees. It came from the bark of the cork oak tree which then ground up, compressed, and formed into sheets bonded with resin to make flooring products.

Cork’s special feature is the softness of its material. It acts as a kind of cushion so if someone trips and fall, it provides protection that other flooring system doesn’t. It is also preferred by those people who spend most of the time standing because of the comfort the cork flooring provides. But because of the material, this kind of flooring is susceptible to damage. It is very sensitive to water that if the room is high in humidity, the material will more likely to warp and discolor. This may also lead to the tiles popping out.

2. Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring is often referred to as hardwood flooring. But bamboo is actually a kind of grass that is processed in many different ways. This kind of flooring is engineered; the strands of grass are sliced and shredded. It was then pressed back together with heat and plastic binders to form the final solid form or boards.

Bamboo flooring is durable that it exceed any domestic solid wood flooring available. There are also dozens of available colors that you can choose from. But although bamboo flooring is said to be durable. It still has a couple of downsides. It is more affected by moist because of it being a grass and not wood. You cannot also sand it down and refinish, unlike wood flooring.

3. Ceramic Tile Flooring


Ceramic tiles are made with thin slabs of clay and hardened by oven fire. It is then coated with glaze for a gorgeous look. Ceramic tiles work well in any room of the house because of its flooring material. But it is widely installed in the kitchen because of its durability and resistance to water. Most people also use this flooring technology in their bathrooms. For warm climate areas, the choice of flooring that they often use in the living room and bedroom are ceramic tiles. This is because the tiles give cooling effect in the area where it is installed.

Ceramic tiles have an array of colors and patterns that you can choose from. It also has different shapes and sizes available which is perfect for your home. But be careful because this flooring does not hold on heat well. It also gets very cold during winter but is very comfortable during hot weather.

4. Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy

Epoxy is a durable flooring system that is composed of resin and hardener chemical that reacts to each other. It then forms a rigid plastic material that bonds well to most base layers. Epoxy flooring is used by most heavy traffic areas such as hospitals, sports facilities, and industrial environments. This is because it can withstand high levels of wear and tear. You can even customize it with different designs and colors.

After the application of epoxy on the floor, it will turn into a solid polymer which is incredibly strong. It is also easier to clean than any other flooring system. It can last longer saving you from expenses and all the hassle of changing the floor from time to time.

5. Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring has always been a top priority in most homes. It is because of their unmatched beauty that can go well with other decors. May it be modern, traditional, and country among others. But like the bamboo flooring, it cannot be installed in moist areas such as the bathroom. What’s amazing about hardwood than the bamboo flooring is that it can be re-sanded for many times. And because of this, hardwood flooring can last longer than any other flooring systems without going out of style.

It can work well with any furniture and home decoration. It is also good for large open spaces but you have to make sure to get it check once in a while. This is to prevent termites from destroying your hardwood flooring technology. It will also secure the safety of your floor and the people around you. 

Maintainance is an integral part of installing different kinds of flooring. This to make sure that your floor, regardless of what kind of system you adapt,  is still in good condition. In this way, you can prevent potential harm and destruction from your home.

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