Artificial Intelligence Can Probably Be the Answer to Lost Airline Luggage

The Scoop: It has always been a thorn in the side about lost luggage in airports. However, a new report shows that Artificial Intelligence may be the answer to lost airline luggage.

A white paper has been published recently with regards to the problem of lost luggage in airports. The note has revealed that over 4.5 billion baggage are handled every year.

It is predicted that companies will be having trouble with coping up to such numbers as passengers are expected to increase in the coming years. The results of such occurrences in the past has cost airline companies from $4.22 billion to $2.1 billion.

AI Revolutionizes Luggage Handling

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SITA, a technology company, believes that Artificial Intelligence might be able to solve such incidents. They also said to harness the power of AI in a meaningful way in order to lessen luggage lost incidents.

The International Air Transport Association(IATA) has launched a resolution which requires airline members to keep track of each bag. They will share that tracking information with people who will be delivering the bags back to customers at their destination.

However, the report notes that the implementation of AI in the project is still in early stages. That didn’t stop SITA to see the potential of what AI can give to improve passenger experiences.

So what do you think about having an AI assist with our luggage?

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