The Most Essential React Data Grid Features

Technological innovations surely paved the way for more advanced methods that make day to day life a little bit easier for everyone. That is why one of the essential roles of developers is to create applications or software that will yield convenience for their client’s end-users. Hence, it is crucial to know which react data grid features are the most needed when developing enterprise tools.

What business owners are looking for

Before you can know which react data grid features are best for creating business-geared applications, it is best to understand first what your client actually needs. By doing so, you will know which components should be present in the final product.

Hence, before starting your project, you must consult with the business owner. You need to find out what they wish to prioritize in creating the application, who their target market is, and what functions they want the software to apply. These are all important questions you need to ask as the answers will create a solid foundation for the core characteristics and tasks of your application or software.

In actuality, what most business owners are looking for whenever they seek developers’ help, is convenience and accessibility. These are the most fundamental elements every enterprise software utilizes. After all, these are the very same things that consumers are looking for.

That said, you need to work around those ideas. Surround and frame your end-product with convenience and accessibility in mind alongside the other factors your client may ask for. In this way, you can provide an above satisfactory application that will surely aid their business operations.

React data grid features every application needs

Whenever people hear about data grid widgets, they think that these are only applicable for creating applications or software that needs a tabular interface. Meaning, the most common misconception is that data grids can only serve as a more advanced form of a standard spreadsheet.

People do not know that there are data grids that can also be a foundation for creating other applications that function beyond being a table to put data into. This widget is from Inovua and is called react data grid.

Compared to its other counterparts, react data grid is specifically designed to cater to enterprise-needs. Hence, among its priorities is providing a convenient way of rendering, maintaining, accessing, and tracking information across platforms since it is directly designed following React’s interface.

In that regard, below are the best Inovua’s react data grid features that you can apply to any enterprise applications:


Sorting is a data grid prop that allows users to define which information they want to see first. For example, online consumers can sort search results depending on the date posted or price. In which they also have the option to choose whether to view it in an ascending or descending manner.

If you are using react data grid, you can enable this feature by entering the code: “sortable=true/false” or “column.sortable=true/false” in your project’s directory. This will configure the table to the option you like.


Filtering is also another essential function offered by react data grid. This feature is similar to sorting, but it offers a more specific range of options. Users can directly put in the range they wish to view. For example, they wish to see only the things that are available on specific dates or for a specific price range.

To apply this prop or add-on, you can specify uncontrolled “defaultFilterValue” or its controlled alternative “filterValue.”


Whether you are creating an application for a business or just a table interface, it is important to provide a pagination option. Thankfully, Inovua’s react gata grid has customizable pagination features. You can do it manually using react data grid’s Community Edition by pressing the left and right arrows to go to the next page. You can also use the Enterprise Edition’s live pagination option that loads the succeeding page as you scroll.

Use “pagination=true” to have the pagination toolbar displayed and “livePagination=true” for live pagination.

Custom scroll

One of the many distractions whenever using digital tools is the scroll bar. This feature most often gets in the way as its default setting is to be constantly visible. Sometimes, the scroll bar can cover relevant details in an application. For that reason, react data grid’s custom scroll feature is essential as it offers added convenience for seamless navigation.


Most importantly, you need to look for a data grid that allows coherent visualization for applications. This feature not only attracts users to download your software, but it also increases engagement and better usage. Thankfully, one of react data grid’s primary characteristics is powerful visual customization, which lets you define the theme of your data grid.

All of these features create smart foundations for applications to ground their functions. With Inovua’s react data grid, you can quickly meet your client’s expectations, which is to have a fully functioning program that is accessible and convenient. As a result, user satisfaction will increase, and so is your credibility as a professional developer.

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