Reasons Why Google News Update Brings Better User Experience

Google News just had a redesign, and it’s better than it was before. Known for being the search giant, it is no doubt that Google News’ latest revamp will give more opportunity for their users to have a good experience while using the said application.

When it comes to the online world, everyone is your competitors. If you do not work hard to give a fresh offer to your clients, you might end up gaining or losing big. And, this is the reason why even though Google is known for being a huge company, they never stopped from researching updates for their users.

Since Google News has been revamped, the following are the features you must know in order to be educated with its updates.

Made it easy to search online

Google adds searches to the “more results” buttons. Through this, the searching experience of the user is made easier. If there will be additional results, it won’t take long for the person to find the answer or photo that they are searching for. They are making sure the their users will be able to get the quality content they are searching.

Allows user to activate filter

Back then, if you will going to search online, there are irrelevant things you can see under the search bar. However, because of its latest update, it will be easier for you to look for the details or information that you need. There are issues concerning the facts and accuracy of every news sites. With the latest revamp, the menace of fake news will be combated for everybody’s safety.

Having better video quality

One of the worst experience is when the video you are watching is buffering, loading, or not playing at all. If you are one of those users, you don’t need to worry anymore. Due to the reason that the latest Google News update will help you watch your every video in higher quality.

According to Ad Age, “Google News will incorporate the digital magazine app Google Newsstand and the news section of YouTube, and it will use the technology behind Accelerated Mobile Pages, the standard that publishers use to make sure their articles load quickly on Google’s platform.”

Everyone knows that if there will be an update, it simply means that it can be either good or bad to the users. But, for the students out there it will be safer for them to find accurate articles and news they can use for their projects and assignments.

Google News made sure to put an effort when it comes to the welfare of their users and this is one of the reasons why there was a revamp. Just like what Windows 10 did last April to make sure that their users will get better experiences when using their product.

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