Tired of Boring Trip? Install These Mobile Apps

Days passed by quickly and you will just realize that summer is near. When you say summer, it means that you will be having more travels. For those who prefer a land trip with their family and friends, being able to travel to a far destination can be a bit boring. Most especially if you don’t even have any gadgets or applications to play with.

However, the problem with gadgets is that you won’t be able to share it with the person next to you or to others. Finding the perfect mobile apps that you can install on your phone is difficult since there are a lot of applications suggested to you. Lessen your troubles with some of the applications you can install to create an enjoyable travel going to your destination.



As one of the most popular applications in this era, if you don’t have this on your phone or any gadget yet, maybe it’s time for you to have it installed. The best thing about this application is you can download episodes online and you can still view it after you have gone offline. If you have friends who are into a series that you like, you can watch it all together.


Jukebox mobile apps

One of the best ways to avoid getting bored over a long car ride is to sing along. You can make it more fun if you have installed an app that is similar to a jukebox. Having a car karaoke mixes on your phone is a perfect thing to do to lessen the boredom you felt. It will be a chaotic game to do but it’s better than not hearing anything but snores of your travel buddies.




Jamming along with your favourite songs are the best thing you can ever have, especially if you will get the chance to download the full album. For Spotify users, they know how convenient it is to use this app since there is a ready-made playlist for you to use. You can choose what genre or mood you want. Through this, it is more fun to reminisce a memory with just one song.

Road safety apps

Being lost in a place not familiar to you is a no-no. No matter how boring the trip is, you need to ensure your safety. There are tons of applications you can install on your phone to help you in seeking the location you want. For example, the Navigation, you can avoid traffic jams if you will use this to find the best way to get to your destination.

YouTube Red


There are times that Netflix might not be available in your country, you still have other choices. With the presence of YouTube and its offline mode, similar to Netflix, you can also view the videos you love offline by clicking the download button. Apart from the regular YouTube app, there is also a YouTube Red in which you can install. Unlike Netflix, this app is not an every-month subscription.

Mobile apps will keep you sane all throughout the trip, most importantly, it will be the great way to get closer to your family membrs and to your friends, too. Enjoy your travel using these mobile apps and you will surely avoid looking at your watch just to know the remaining hours until you reached the destination.

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