5 Inventions You Won’t Believe Exists Today

The Scoop: The world is getting more and more advanced with each passing day. However, there are so many happenings in the world that we can’t seem to keep up with all of them. Especially when it comes to discovering inventions. Here are some of the inventions you won’t believe exists today!

You might think that for so many years that people get to live on Earth, everything is already known and invented. However, that is not the case. People still know so little and unlocked so few of what we are fully capable of in the world.

Our world is developing each and every day. People get to discover new things, they get to formulate new ideas from them and they get to make something new. Some discoveries even happen by accident. Therefore, every day, something new is released for the whole world to see.

Check out some of the inventions you won’t believe exists that will somehow make you want to question, “How is this possible?”

Plastic Bags that Can be Eaten

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One of the most challenging things that people get to face today is taking care of the environment. With the continued use of plastic and the endangered state of the forests from using paper bags to replace plastics, it is one heck of a challenge, indeed. However, EnviGreen may have something to solve that. At first, you may think that it looks like any regular plastic, but upon closer inspection, it is actually so much more.

The “plastic bag” is made from natural starch and vegetable additives. It takes a hundred years or more for normal plastic to decompose. With this new “plastic”, it can decompose at approximately 180 days or in 15 seconds when you just boil it in water. However, don’t just throw it away, you can just feed it to your animals safely and without worry.

Men’s Shirt that Doesn’t Stain

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When it comes to sitting in on a meeting or just plain working, you always have to look your best. Women have plenty of clothes that they can choose from and can pull off being colorful while keeping their professional look. Formal, clean and light-colored wear for men is always a challenge. Therefore, a company called Labfresh invented the formal shirt of every businessmen’s dreams.

The shirts produced can’t be stained by coffee, oil, red wine, soy sauce and more. Furthermore, it can also repel odor and retains the comfort and breathable quality of cotton. What’s more, you will be needing little to no ironing to keep it looking presentable. This is certainly one of those shirts to wear without having to worry your each and every move.

Clothes that Grow with Your Child

kids clothes
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The saying “Kids grow up so fast” is no joke. Recently, you might think that things pass you by so fast. You never know that little Jimmy is growing up so quickly already. One day, you are taking care of your baby and then the next, you are seeing them off to college. It’s no secret that getting children isn’t cheap.

However, London-based designer Ryan Yasin made Petit Pli. This made the clothes grow with children between three to 36 months old. The clothes are origami-inspired with pleats that fold and can be folded again to suit the child’s size. This can majorly save parents money on clothes for their children.

Spray on Some Energy

spray energy
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There is so much to do with so little time and so little energy to spend. Energy drinks are only available when there’s a store near you or you have some with you. However, not all people get to like drinking energy drinks to refill their mojo in doing something. If that’s the case, then you should try and use this sprayable energy.

It has no calories and it has no synthetic ingredients. Just spray it on your body and it will be absorbed into your bloodstream like a caffeine patch within a few hours. This is an easy and fast substitute for energy drinks when you need to up your energy for the day.

Ice Cream for People on a Diet

ice cream
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Say what? Sweets for people on a diet? And not just regular, old, sweets, mind you, but ice cream! The number one food that will significantly help you gain weight. It is always a struggle for people on a diet to sacrifice a lot of things just to lose all of those excess fats on their body. However, with this new invention, it seems people on a diet don’t have to sacrifice so much after all.

Halo Top company strives to give people the best of what the world of ice cream can offer without having to worry about the calories after. Utilizing Stevia and natural ingredients, the company aims to give people this treat whether they are on a strict diet or not. It may not be much, but for people who are struggling to maintain or lose weight will think this is one of the best inventions ever.

Expecting More and Exciting Inventions to Come

There is still plenty of time for us in the future and there will be more inventions that can come from the future. How people come up with great ideas and getting to develop inventions that can contribute to society is happening with each passing day. Therefore, we haven’t seen the last of these genius inventions. There will be some fails in the process but that’s life and that’s how we learn.

So what other great inventions have you encountered that exists today?

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