Keeping Your Teen Safe? Use These Driving Apps to Monitor

Thinking that the phone can bring trouble to your kid, get ready when she starts to learn how to drive. A lot of monitoring driving apps are available in the app store to ensure you know where your kid is going. You will also know who is with them, which is the most important thing to consider.

Take this, for example, the Net Nanny. It is the kind of digital app that allows you to be in control of how your kids use the internet. The other driving app you can use is the SecureTeen. Through this, you may be able to know who your kids are calling. Also, it might invade the privacy of your kid but you only have a good intention. Which is to keep them away from harm.

Whether your kid is 18, 21, or 35, it’s the parents’ nature to make sure that they are away from harm. And, it is because no matter what happens, they will always be your child. That is why here are some of the high-tech ways to help you ensure the safety of your teen.

TrueMotion Family


This app will help you in monitoring the driving safety of your family. Other than that, it is also a family-oriented driving app. TrueMotion Family app tells you information about your family members. From where they are and how they were able to get in a particular place with exact details. Also, you may also have info about their attitude while they are driving.


Similar to Drive Smart, Cellcontrol also has its scoring system. In 2010, the said app is the winner of  2010 National Traffic Safety Institute Technology Jeffrey M. Chase Pinnacle Technology. In 2012, this application is awarded as the 2012 CES Innovation Award Winner. Its feature includes viewing of the scores as your driving improves: driving and phone score.

Drive Smart


Through this app, you may be able to know how your teen drives. Since it generates scores and rewards once they started driving. The good thing about Drive Smart is you will be able to know where you park your car. That is why this is really helpful for crowded places. It will be easier for you to track where your car is. Pro

If you want to spare your teen from an accident while they are driving, you can download this one of the driving apps for them. There are benefits they can acquire in order to keep their travel safer. It eliminates reading emails and texting while driving. Pro can read the emails and messages out loud in real time. It is also hands-free. You don’t need to touch your phone while you’re driving.



In helping you to monitor whether your teen brought the car or not, Canary is one of the driving apps you can use. The said application works because of the security devices that connect from your home to your phone. You may be able to prevent your child from bringing the car though you told him not to.


Knowing your child’s current location is important. To be able to get the information you need, TeenSafe can help you with that. Aside from that, you may also know the other places where your teen went. Even if the messages are deleted, you can still have access to it.



Want to know the driving behavior of your teen? You may use DriveScribe. The said app utilizes the GPS of your child’s device. You may also know if they already have access the speed limit at the particular location. All the violations and rewards your teen made will go to the servers which are displayed on the desktop app.

Ensuring the safety of your child is important to avoid getting worried about them. Through these mobile driving apps, it will also be easier for you to determine if your teen is responsible enough. At the same time, it will help you monitor where they are going. It may sound like an invasion of privacy to others but, as a parent, you are just making sure your child is in a good condition.

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