You Will Regret Online Shopping After Watching These Shopping Fails

The Scoop: Internet is a very popular tool that is utilized in different aspects of our lives. Therefore, buying online is becoming the norm. However, you will think about regretting from making transactions online after seeing these shopping fails.

Technology is everyone’s buddy nowadays. Everyone is depending on technology and the internet to be able to make daily living easier and more comfortable. Thus, books are slowly turning into Ebooks(even though I still prefer real books) and shopping can be done at home!

Speaking of which, there are advantages and disadvantages at every activity which are technology-dependent. For example, real books can be read without electricity but they require trees for pages. Ebooks can be read in the dark but you have to have batteries or electricity to be able to read from your gadget.

Same goes for online shopping. Convenient but it has some downfalls. Without the ability to check and scrutinize the items for yourself there will be fails. Just like what happened to these people.

Beauty Products Nowadays

Whether it is to maintain the youthful glow of your face, cleansing them or more, you can avail beauty products right through your doorstep. Just make sure that those face masks fit your face, unlike this product.

Shopping Fail
Via Reddit

Green is the New White, Maybe?

You are already taking a risk in buying clothes online especially with making sure the measurements are right. And from China? We already know they are notorious for making affordable yet dubious-quality products.

The Magically Fake Magic Mugs

Online shopping is also the place where you are vulnerable to pranks and jokes from people who are after your money. They will everything to make their advertising spic and span and you’ll get another result entirely, just like this guy.

Shopping Fail 1

Always Check the Specs, People

When shopping online, it is essential for you to be able to search and check the specifications of the product that you are buying such as size, color, shape, and more. Don’t fall victim to online shopping just like these people.

In shopping, size of the product does matter.

Always keep your eyes peeled and alert.

wall tapestry
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At least it accentuated his other assets.

Via Facebook

Now This is Just Plain Gross

Another worry that you will be experiencing when buying things offline is that you will never know what happens to them while they are being shipped to you. Therefore, all is guesswork until you finally receive the product. There are plenty of things that can happen including, but not limited, to this.

The Dangers While Being Shipped to You

As mentioned before, you never know the state of your product until it reaches your doorstep. Is it tampered with, or worse, stolen? You won’t be able to know for sure until then. Just like what happened to this guy and his phone.

shopping fail 1
Via Softpedia News

The Chance of Getting Pranked is Always High

Other than being played around and get your stuff stolen, sometimes the internet and online shops have a knack on pranking their customers. Just like this one. Funny but a few minutes of laughing while face-palming enough for the money you paid?

fifty shades
Via Reddit

And this one too. Seems like you have to assemble it to make it look like the presentation?

Via Reddit

Take a Gamble with Online Shopping

Just like almost everything on the internet, nothing is sure. Everything seems like a gamble. If you want to be able to buy things online, you will have to make sure that the online shop you are buying from is trustworthy.

Furthermore, you have to scrutinize and inspect each and every product that you are going to buy. This is extremely crucial since you are not in the vicinity to do the inspecting yourself.

So are you still going to shop online? What is your online shopping fail story?

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