Deciding What Roof Color to Pick? Make Use of These Apps

Not all homeowners have the time to look for suitable roof color. Aside from the color itself, they also want to ensure that the overall look must also be appealing. Sometimes, sampling can result to failure. Even though you thought that a specific color would look better with the exterior of your house, once it’s installed, you will see that it’s not what you are expecting.

Thanks to technology and latest gadgets, you can now do your errands without going out of your work. With the new applications made to create a more efficient life, you can do multiple things at the same time. If you are in the process of searching for a fitting color for your roof, here are some of the mobile apps to help you and your professional roofer in selecting the roof color.

Design EyeQ SnapShot

design eyeq

Design EyeQ shows the homeowners what their house will look if it was installed with different types of shingles. As the owner of the house, it is important that you get the opportunity to know what would your house look before you have it installed.

Roofing Color Compass

roofing color compass

With Roofing Color Compass Quiz, you will not be choosing the roof color according to how it looks visually. This is one of the entertaining apps since it serves as a matchmaker between you and the color of the roof. There will be a custom-designed color palette that was created by Leatrice Eisman.

Home Harmony

home harmony

Imagining what will your house look like can be a bit risky. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because, with the Home Harmony, you will get to improve the look of your home. With the use of this mobile app, you won’t be spending your money if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

Atlas RoofSwap!

atlas swap

Classic Mood Board is the latest update that RoofSwap created for their users. There will be mood board layouts that serve as the basis of the homeowners in visualizing the color they want. According to Atlas Roofing Corporation, “it allows homeowners to select shingles and place them on a variety of home styles such as Cape Cod, colonial, craftsman, and neo stone.”


roof viewer

See what you want your roof to look like with the use of Roof Viewer introduces by ColorCote. This mobile app that is used for your roofing lets the user make use of the photo of their house to be able to determine the look of the metal roof on their house.

GAF Virtual Home Remodeler

gaf remodeler

You don’t need to ask questions such as “how will it look on my roof” because, with the help of GAF Virtual Home Remodeler, you will get to see different GAF shingles on your home with the use of your gadget. You just need to swipe in order to select and apply the GAF shingle you like.



This mobile app uses state of the art image mapping and considered as the most advanced visualizer app. MyMetalRoof helps the homeowner see how their house will look like if they will going to choose metal roofing.

Being worried about the outcome of your roofing could be lessened with the help of these mobile applications. You don’t need to guess whether the roofing shingle that will be installed to your house would complement the exterior of your house or not. All you just need is to install any of these mobile apps about your roof color while doing your other tasks.

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