Want to Monitor Your Kids? Talk to Teachers Using These Apps

You may or may not be around all the times. That it is why it is essential that you know what your child is doing. In this generation, it is inevitable that you have a gadget and an internet connection. As a parent, looking after your child is a must. Whether your kid is a student in early education program in Edmonton or even if you’re far from your family, it is now easier for you to talk to teachers.

With the advancement of technology, you can now communicate with your child. Also, if you want to know the performance of your kid at school, with just one click, you can now talk with their teachers. Distance is indeed only a number. If there is a will, there will always be a way for it. Here are some of the digital apps you can use to monitor your child.



Installing this application on the phone can help the teachers build amazing classroom community online. ClassDoJo is a great app that the parents can use to talk to teachers. As a parent, you can experience the things that your kids do by receiving photos, videos, and announcements from the teachers.

In return, the parents could also send a message to the teachers. They may be able to see what does their children do. And this is because there is a stream of photos and videos being sent by the school.

Pupil Asset


When it comes to tracking, managing, and analyzing the data of staff and pupil, Pupil Asset. With the use of this app, you may be able to combine the progress, attendance, attainment, and behavior of the student. This application is known as an overall solution to an academic problem.

Pupil Asset is an application that parents can also use. It is an app used to talk to teachers and staff of the school. If you are seeking for an app that will help you view the timetable and report the incidents the time that it happened, you can use this. Similar to ClassDoJo, you can also receive photos. There will be an individual pupil folder that it made your work less stressful.



Are you looking for a communication platform that will help the students? If yes, as a parent this is what you need. Parents can help you to stay connected to the school community of your kid. Aside from that, you may be able to send real-time messages. For parents who always forget their child’s activity, the can use this app to receive schedule reminders ahead of time. It also helps the parents to be up-to-date with the things that are going on in class.

There are communications you can use to know your child’s progress. You can use traditional options, but technology will help you do it more effectively. It is easier to track your kid if you were able to see it virtually. Building a good relationship with the teacher of your kid will help you stay updated with the things that are going on even outside the classroom. You will only be going to achieve this if you will talk to teachers about your concerns.

This is a guest post from Kepler Academy. The said daycare centre is sharing innovations when it comes to early learning and childcare.

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