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Scoopfed’s Top 3 Long Awaited Big-screen Movies of 2019

Much like the last year, 2019 has come out with a line-up of long-awaited big-screen movies that have fans of each franchise sitting at the edge of their seats, just wishing the months would pass by quicker.

We already had this top 3 take on Disney earlier on, and now we’re only weeks and days away from the highly-anticipated showing of The Lion King in live action. But previous cartoon Disney movies turned live-action films aside, now it’s time to take a look at what else 2019 has to offer us before people say au revoir to one of the most controversial years of the century.

We’re not going to political… We’re here to have fun and talk about the movies that you’re probably waiting to see.

So shove that cynicism and critical mind for a minute, and focus on getting hyped for our top 3 list of long awaited big-screen movies of 2019.

#3 IT: Chapter Two


Premiere date: September 6, 2019

Sitting at number 3. How can we not include the movie that had every coulrophobic person in the face of the planet quaking in their boots?

Or maybe that’s just me thinking that…

Hey, I’m not scared of clowns, but sitting next to two friends in the movie house who screamed and grabbed at my hair in desperation throughout the whole IT movie is bound to make you think about a couple of things.

Anyway, IT: Chapter Two is the sequel to the film released in 2017. Hey, remember when you suddenly developed a fear for street gutters and had an aversion to Halloween carnivals that featured creepy clowns?

Let’s have a little recap. The first film followed the disappearance of little seven-year old Georgie. And then all hell broke loose when an entity of fear, called “It”, began terrorizing Georgie’s big brother and his friends (aka The Losers Club).

And in Chapter Two, the group of friends are now 27 years older, and determined to end the clowny fiasco.

You ready to get your socks scared off again for the second time?

I’m grabbing popcorn and booking dates already.

#2 X-Men: The New Mutants


Premiere Date: August 2, 2019

I’ll come right out and say I’ve never seen an X-Men movie. I know, shame on me for not bothering to head on over to the nearest movie house and grabbing a seat. It’s just never been my cup of tea, personally speaking, of course.

But that doesn’t mean I’m excluding X-Men: The New Mutants from this list.

I would be an idiot if I tried to deny the fact that this movie is one of the long awaited big-screen movies of 2019. I mean, my friends are crazy about it, so I’m sure it’s good.

And from the looks of things, it looks like 20th Century Fox is doing a good job outdoing themselves this year.

The New Mutants will be directed by Josh Boone (the guy who directed The Fault in Our Stars — remember how that made you cry?), with a cast that is mostly new to the X-Men franchise. They play five new mutants, discovering abnormal abilities, and being contained against their will in a secret facility.

Intriguing stuff…

This one gives you an extra helping of furious screams, and tense situations. Yup, it sounds like a classic Marvel story tackling escape and redemption.

#1 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Premiere Date: December 20, 2019

Ah yes, the Star Wars franchise — a cult classic. By far, it deserves the top spot in this list of long awaited big-screen movies of 2019.

Also, this new upcoming Star Wars movie is the final installment for the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I’m no avid fan of Star Wars, but I know for sure that fans are holding out for the “emotionally resonant finale”. And it better be, considering how long fans have to wait for these movies.

(I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones).

The production team are facing critical issues with the peaceful passing of Carrie Fisher in 2016, whose Princess Leia performance is simple irreplaceable. It’s totally understandable that the team doesn’t wish to recast her or use a CGI model. So that simply means, they’ll be making with Leia’s small appearances on early footage.

But still, expectations are high. And I don’t think Disney plans to disappoint.

Ready for the long awaited big-screen movies of 2019?

If 2019’s good at one thing, it’s reminding us that there are many more entertainment-worthy movies we should be anticipating. And personally, I’m glad to have these in life. They certainly break the monotony and remind us that we can escape reality inside a movie house once in a while.

So, which of these long awaited big-screen movies of 2019 are you super-hyped for?

In the meantime, keep browsing through Scoopfed for more articles like this.

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