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Top 3 Gizmos from the Future Only the Rich Can Afford

The Scoop: Technology indeed produces the most amazing things for people to try in their lives. However, as sad as it is, it comes with a price. And a steep one at that. No matter how cool a new tech is, there are people who will never get to try it. Check out some toys from the future only the rich can afford.

Technology is rapidly developing and innovating just before our eyes. Each day a new idea is formed. New progress is made in most of the technology that is in creation. And some are already waiting in stores ready to be bought!

However, new technology needs new resources and those resources are not cheap until those get mass produced in the future. To make up for the effort and the materials used, these technologies are found with a hefty price tag.

Sadly, there will be people who won’t get to afford these new innovations of technology. However, rich or not, you have to admit that these gizmos that only the rich can afford are pretty cool all the same!

Here are the top 3 awesome and cool techs that are so expensive, only the rich can afford them.

Underwater Drone

Via Kickstarter

Price: $999

We have flying drones that can take aerial pictures of everything from the sky’s point-of-view. However, it’s time for the water world to shine as well. You don’t have to be a professional swimmer with diving gears just to get a glimpse of the beauty that is hidden underneath the ocean.

Biki is an underwater drone designed as a fish to avoid startling underwater life. It also navigates the sea like a fish as well. Now you will be able to record and catch the majesty of what the sea can give.


Via Microsoft

Price: $3,989.99

Microsoft HoloLens is a virtual reality headset similar to Oculus Rift. However, the HoloLens is using the environment around you and not generated by the device. HoloLens allows users to experience 3d holographic images produced in their current environment.

This is similar to one of the Black Mirror episodes where the guy was tasked to test the new game that utilizes the mind to create games. However, don’t worry because this one isn’t connected to the brain and can cause death. This is a step forward that will improve augmented reality.

Personal Robot

Via YouTube

Price: $1,700, $134/month for 36 months for maintenance and $89/month for 36 months for insurance

We have seen them in the movies such as Meet the Robinsons and more. This makes personal robots really amazing to have in the household. However, what if you really can get a personal robot for your home? Yes, you read that right, there are plenty of personal robots available for you to buy right now.

Pepper is one of the most popular robots that you can avail as a companion. However, like most companions, Pepper comes with a price. And I tell, you all that robotics is not cheap. Other than paying for $1, 700 for the robot, you will have to pay $134/month and $89 /month for 3 years for additionals services. For rich people, that doesn’t seem like a problem though.

It’s a Rich Man’s World

Even though these technologies can only be bought by rich people and those who have influence, it is still fascinating that people are able to incorporate this high-quality technology into their lives.

So what’s your favorite tech among the three?

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Featured Image: Rich and Posh

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