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Top 3 Hilarious Things You Can Find on Google Maps

The Scoop: Google Maps can be plenty of things. They can be used in a lot of things that can aid you in your travels and educate you. However, one of the things that Google Maps can also do is to entertain you. Check out some hilarious things you can find on Google Maps!

There are plenty of things that technology can do for people. They improve the normal use of common objects that they also open our eyes further to the wonders that the world can offer.

Google Maps is just little thing that contributes to the development of our technology. It has been a travel companion to travelers and an education system for those who hadn’t traveled. Not only that, they can also provide great entertainment with all the things that you can find.

Who knows, you will be able to see something new that will make you wonder, scared or laugh.

This is not nice either way



I’m sure that this is an accident and isn’t meant for this kind of entertainment. However, you have to admit it that that is really hilarious all the same. It kind of resembles a hand or… something else. Both don’t seem to portray a nice picture though.

This shot croaked

Via Reddit

The Google team is not perfect. There are times that circumstances are out of your control and sometimes have a knack for ruining the beautiful moments of… well, nature. In this case, this frog totally didn’t photobombed a shot but managed to get its belly on screen for the whole world to see.

Just a normal day with my bike and penguin

Via Imgur

Don’t tell me that you haven’t seen a guy in a unicycle with a stuffed penguin riding behind him? Oh, that’s pretty normal here. Nothing weird or uncommon at all. Wait, is that really a stuffed penguin or some kind of live duck? Oh well, it is pretty normal anyway so I don’t know.

Google Maps Still Has Plenty to Offer

The Earth is a big place and not all people get to discover each and every easter egg that Google can get. Other than the maps are being updated, there are still plenty of places where Google teams hadn’t documented yet.

So what’s your favorite funny scene from Google Maps?

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