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Gamer Girls, these Top 3 Video Game Characters Will Inspire You to Get Fit

The Scoop: Gaming is one of the hobbies that people enjoy so much, they dedicate time and effort to play them. Unfortunately, this also makes them lose their daily exercise while others forget to take care of themselves because of games. However, these video game characters will inspire you to get in shape.

Hey, it’s not only the guys who get to play video games and love it. Unfortunately, it is also not only the guys who spend their time playing video games with a pint or two of ice cream beside them.

Okay, maybe not ice cream but the point is, games entertain us so much that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves such as exercising and eating right.

So for gamer girls out there, here are the video game characters that will inspire us to get fit.

Asuka Kazama

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Asuka is one of those girls who get to fight with clothes that are actually ideal to fight in, unlike other female game characters that get sexualized through their “armors”. Comfy and functional. There are plenty more girls in Tekken that fits the bill here, however, no one can deny that Asuka’s tomboyish nature speaks for every girl with a hidden tomboy in them. Even in the girly girl ones.

Lara Croft


Of course, she makes the list. Lara is considered as one of the best video game heroes and also one of the fittest as well. Besides, you don’t go tomb raiding without having to always stop for breath from running, climbing, and all the things you do when your raiding. Well, they may have been oversexualizing her at first in the series but lately, Lara’s overall appearance is becoming more realistic and fitness goal-worthy.


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have you ever heard of someone fighting in killer heels? Bayonetta, now you know. Plus, you gotta admit that that outfit is very elegant with the curves. Additionally, being too heavy can really hurt your feet when you wear those heels every day anyway. Thanks very much, gravity. This makes Bayonetta an inspiration to be fitter. Especially if you love high heels.

Get Your Joystick and Body Moving

Game characters are not only our heroes to be able to win our games. They can also be our role models in which we get inspiration from. And getting fit is one of them. However, being fit doesn’t have to mean that you will have to slim down very thinly.

Being fit means that you feel good about yourself. It means that you can run and climb a few steps without running out of breath. It means to get your body moving and have your blood flowing through your body. So keep calm, play games and get inspired.

So who are your inspirations for getting fit?

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