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Top 3 Technologies of the Past that Shaped the Future

The Scoop: To get to know the future, we have to know the past. That is true. Did you know that most of the technologies that you are using today had roots from the past? Find out the technologies of the past that get to shape the gadgets of now.

Have you ever wondered how our technologies of today came to be? We are slowly seeing the future in front of us that we sometimes lose track of the past. Even though you might think that the past isn’t worthy to look back to, that is where you’re wrong.

You have to be more thankful and appreciative of the past. Other than the is the key to the future(even the cartoons of the past gives insights of the now), it also gives us the answers to the present that will give us the tools to forge a path towards the said future.

How so? Check out the gadgets that were invented in the past. These gadgets made way to the technologies that we are using right now.

Hair Dryer

hair dryer
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Beauty has always been a big deal. Then and now. One of a woman’s prized possessions is her hair which is also known as a woman’s crowning glory. To keep their hair fluffy and flawless in the past, they invented a hairdryer which did the job. This evolved and became the portable hairdryer of today that every girl shouldn’t be without. And hair care was never the same ever since.

Nintendo Entertainment System or NES

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Nintendo Entertainment System also known as the popular NES isn’t the first video game console that was released. However, it became the first video game console that most of us have enjoyed in our childhood. With the unbeatable and timeless classic games such as Contra, Legend of Zelda, our main man Mario and many more. The gaming industry was never the same after.

Floppy Disks

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Sure, computers that were invented in the past really revolutionized the world. However, there is one essential element that made the computer a success with people. Storage devices. And yes, I mean the floppy disk drives. Although it can only save 1.44 MB of files, that is already considered a lot in the past. This became the norm until the demand for more extra storage space evolved this little disk into the flash drives that we know and own now.

Shaping the Future with the Past

The past is filled with exciting facts and knowledge that grew into the products that we are living with now. Although some are made by accident while some are useless, you can’t deny that they contributed to the evolution of mankind. Later in the future, the present you are in now will be considered as the past. And the inventions made today will also be remembered in the future like we do today.

So what other inventions do you think that shaped the future?

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