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Top 3 Video Games That Will Make You Regret Uninstalling Them

The Scoop: Computers are the perfect place to play your games because you can have so many games stuffed in one place. Unfortunately, nothing is infinite(at least not yet). You will have to uninstall some of those games sooner or later to save storage space. However, these video games that will make you regret uninstalling them.

Storage space is one of the most important things to consider on your computer, phone and gaming consoles. However, the sad truth is that you can’t have everything installed on your computer, phone or gaming console. At least not yet, I’m hoping for infinite storage space in the future without the use of internet.

For passionate gamers or people who just love to play their games, there will always be that one game that you wouldn’t sacrifice for the sake of freeing up a few spaces on your hard drive.

And without further ado, here are some of them.


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Undertale is one of the games that I wouldn’t uninstall from my laptop as well. You’ve made a bond with all the characters in them. You fell in love with them and accepted all your monster friends even if they killed you over and over again in the game. That kind of bond is hard to shake off. Not to mention that the game is good in guilt-tripping and making you cry. However, what if you did a good ending there and all are happy as can be? Uninstalling the game is just like performing a genocide all the same so, no thank you.


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Skyrim is a never-ending adventure for the Dragonborn(shush, just accept it this time). There is so much to do and so many things to try in this wonderful world of magic, dragons, and sword-fighting. Are you really going to stop all of that and throw it all away without looking back by uninstalling it? What if you feel like you wanted to kick dragon butt and fus-roh-dah your way to victory and find that you already uninstalled the game?


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P.T. is a horror game demo for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills game, which got canceled, unfortunately. You will be exploring a haunted house through narrow and dark corridors and solving various puzzles while avoiding a ghost chasing after you. Although it’s a shame that people will never get to the bottom of the mystery that P.T. is offering but keeping it will be a reminder of a great potential turned to dust. That and it’s a good way for you to treat yourself a few horror moments here and there.

Do You Have the Guts to Uninstall?

Most of the games that people won’t want to let go are open-world games similar to Skyrim such as The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fallout 4, and many more. These kinds of games that always give the players something new even if they have already played it.

It’s either that these games are timeless as gold, inspires nostalgia to players, or simply having their favorite video game hero there, they are hard to part with. And having them on your computer eating away the storage space is all worth it for giving you the time of your life in gaming.

So what is your favorite game that you don’t want to uninstall?

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