Fort Building Kit: Build A Cozy Sleepover Fort For Kids

Looking back, most of us can possibly remember asking for a sleepover from our parents. There’s something that is unique and just plain fun about being with friends in your home. However, it can be chaotic and often exhausting for parents to keep their children and their friends amused.

However, with a fort building kit, it doesn’t have to be. Encourage them to build secret hideaway forts for your kids’ next sleepover, then stand back to watch their imagination come alive!

Why Forts For A Sleepover?

Fort-building was probably a part of your childhood and now also a part of your kids. But what about these basic systems, which deliver endless happiness and entertainment? They are known to make a child feel comfortable and provide a stable place that does not change. It offers stability and comfort in a world that seems to be shifting and evolving constantly.

Forts are often easy and dark, offering less noise and enabling children to control their feelings easily. They are not only fun to build and create, but they also provide a structure they are in charge of. They may, which, again, offers a soothing feeling of being in charge, whether they want to make adjustments or keep things the same.

Fort Building During Sleepovers

Not only can these systems provide comfort for your children and their peers, but they will also have an opportunity to work together. Below are few steps to help create your perfect sleepover fort for your children.

Decide Where to Put It

Although this may seem like an obvious step, there are several things to take into account. First, find a place with plenty of space where the children can spread out and have the freedom to make a structure as large or small as they want.
Keep it in a position where they can play, be noisy, and have fun! Although it would certainly be a blast to build your structure outside, building one inside can be just as exciting if the weather is not cooperating.

Let Your Kids Design It

Next, ask your kids and their friends to come up with a concept. Make sure they think about what the structure is going to look like, how they’re going to build it, and whether it’s going to accommodate sleeping bags and games they want to play inside.
Not only will this provide an opportunity to be creative, but if things don’t go their way, it will also force them to think critically about their structure and problem-solving. Motor skills, as well as communication techniques, will have to be used to work together as a team.

How to Decorate Their Sleepover Forts

While some would like to keep their structure simple, others would love this next step of decorating their fort. It can ultimately become whatever they want it to be. It can be transformed into a castle or tunnel with a few simple decorations.
The building kit includes fabric clips that can be used to hang sheets or towels that can serve as walls or a roof for additional design and privacy. Another great option for hanging and one that can be colored or painted is butcher paper. Hang fairy lights or string lights that will give light when playing or falling asleep in the fort for a magical touch.

How to Use It

The fort is not only fun to sleep in, but it’s also a perfect place for kids to hang out all day long. Make sure the room for board games and card games is big enough. With simple treats and prizes, you can even set up a tournament.
Another great option to watch TV shows or movies is a small TV or projector, and letting them their favorite food such as pizza, ice cream, or other fun treats while they watch will make their fort even more special. At night, your kids can read or hear stories with the help of a few lights, capping off a great day!

The Beauty Of A Fort

Cute little children reading book in hovel at home

The possibilities are truly infinite when it comes to a fort building kit. Not only can these structures be designed, taken down, and built again, they can be anything your children want with a little creativity. It’s not a permanent structure, and while when installed, it can seem to take over a room, when not offering hours of entertainment and fun, it can be quickly broken down and put away.

Another great benefit of this indoor fort kit is that it grows with your kid. Young children have the advantage of learning how to build small, basic structures, while older children have the ability to create larger and more complicated ones. Providing these basic tools to your children gives them the ability to learn and be innovative while you get to stand back and watch it happen!

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