Finding The Perfect Property In Metro Philippines

Opening its doors to more opportunities for growth and progress, the Philippine economy is undoubtedly making a significant impact on how the Asian economy thrives even in the middle of social disturbances such as the COVID19 pandemic. Instead of slowing down, the real estate industry in the country kicks off at a great start.

With a mixture, culture, people, and food, the Philippines offer a thriving environment for young professionals, business investors, and individuals and families who want to settle in a luxurious and convenient life right in the middle of the metro.

Among the most anticipated real estate projects by SMDC is the Glam Residences at Kamuning Edsa, Quezon City, this property is expected to be completed in February 2024. It is evident that right at this moment, condominium units within this property are being sold to interested buyers because of its location and accessibility.

There are more properties for sale right within the busy streets of metro Philippines, and MetroRealty search can help you in accessing these properties online.

So, what should you consider when looking for a real estate property to buy within the metro?

Location and Accessibility

The most attractive properties for sale within Metro Philippines are the ones that are located right within the busy street of the city. With easy and accessible locations, you can surely get anywhere around the city, any time of the day.

At the same time, this helps in saving more from being able to go around in the city within just a few walks from home.

Space and Size of Property

What you should know when it comes to buying real estate property for sale in the Philippines, the price of each unit is dependent on both location of the building and the size of the unit. If you are going to buy a unit right within the city streets- usually near malls and large office buildings, you might need to pay more even when purchasing a small space unit at a measure of 23 sq. meter. In comparison to when buying a unit located within residential zones, you might already be able to purchase a one-room to a two-room unit within the same price range.

Public and Private Amenities

Public amenities are buildings and other establishments located around the main property. These amenities are accessible to the public-meaning everyone living in the area outside of the main property. This may include malls, schools, parks, public swimming pools, and others as such.

Private amenities, on the other hand, are amenities accessible to the tenants of the property only. Suppose you are looking to buy a condominium within a building or a series of buildings belonging to one property. In that case, there may be amenities such as swimming pools, sports facilities, gyms, in-house parks, playgrounds for kids, and other amenities that are designed by the real estate property developer to make life more convenient and comfortable for tenants within the building.

Take note of the fact that being close to these amenities or having direct access to these amenities increase the price rate of the property you are aiming to purchase. At the same time, private amenities call for monthly fees that you need to pay for apart from the mortgage that you are supposed to pay for every month. The mortgage is to be paid to the financial agency that supported your purchase of the property, while the fees for the amenities are usually paid to the management.

Unless otherwise agreed, these fees need to be addressed every month to avoid additional fees for late payment.

The Best Real Estate Property Search Online in the Country

MetroRealty Search is connected to different realty companies and gives a rich source of information on what specific real estate property fits your demands and your expectations.

Not only that, but several real estate agents are also connected with the company. This means that with just a few clicks, you can already be associated with a real estate agent who can assist you in your decision and the process of purchase that you are to go through once you decide to own a real estate property in the country.

Apart from the Glam Residences, as mentioned above, there are also other properties that MetroRealty Search offers. With a few clicks, you can immediately get access to the essential information you need to know about the properties you might want to pick for purchase.

Our Recommendations
Buying a real estate property for sales in the Philippines is safer and easier with a partner company that gives you direct access to different properties available for sale. The information that you get online; however, may not be enough to provide you with the data you need to make the right decision in your purchase. The assistance of a professional and licensed real estate broker may help in giving you access to the most practical options that you can choose to pick the right property and the right financing program you could take to secure the purchase.

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