How To Become An Airdrop Hunter?

You already have an idea of some of the basics of bitcoin, alternate coins, tokens, ICOs, and maybe even airdrops. But did you know it can be a good source of additional income to become an Airdrop Hunter? 

If you still don’t know how becoming an airdrop hunter can help potentially gain money, what you need to do, and the challenges you need to face, keep reading this article.

What Is An Airdrop?

First of all, Airdrops are free crypto tokens often released as part of their promotion by an ICO or blockchain project for those not yet established. Without you having to do something, some Airdrops are automatically deposited into your pocket. Other Airdrops are asking airdrops hunters to carry out simple tasks, such as following the Telegram or other social networks project and filling out the KYC form before you receive your free tokens.

An airdrop hunter is still searching for a free list of airdrops. On their official website or via their social media networks, some businesses announce their airdrops. Some dedicated telegram groups keep track of the future ICO’s or IEO’s and their airdrop tokens as well. Many dedicated online websites often keep track of all the past, active, and potential airdrops. These websites also provide information about the imminent Airdrop, such as specifications, new giveaways, days left, etc.

Why Do Projects Give Tokens For Free?

Projects for startups and blockchain are not typically tech giants and marketing molochs. It’s not their business model, and they don’t bundle gigabytes of your data together to sell to advertisers and companies. 

Reasons why startups choose to give free airdrops:

  • They share tokens to more users and wallets than during their ICO and, in the eyes of potential investors, increase their statistics. 
  • It provides the tokens used and traded with reputation, exposure, and more value. 
  • On Telegram and social networks, they receive followers. 
  • They hope that you will fall in love with their project and talk about it to your peers.

What To Do To Achieve Success on Airdrop

Find the right airdrop.

These days, the difficulties lie in the fact that certain Airdrops are scams and never hit the exchange platforms with their tokens. It takes time to go through Facebook groups and warnings, review scam ventures, register the accounts with KYC or social media, and eventually take all the appropriate steps to get the Airdrops. 

You can also always keep track of the progress of the project after having the right Airdrop and know when it will go live. When the tokens hit the exchange sites, rates are typically highest, which is why many Airdrops Hunters sell at this time, because they don’t have to keep the tokens.

Get maximum tokens from Airdrops in a minimum of time.

But the project is often so successful that it has the opportunity to expand beyond the original hype and make your tokens more profitable. 

All in all, there are plenty of things to follow, which is why it’s a pretty good job. It is real work and the explanation of why we’ve found ways to make things easier for the whole operation.

Staying Safe With Airdrops

Almost all of the projects give tokens for free, or some give tokens in exchange for assignments. Although free, make sure to choose projects or sites that are trusted and will not scam you. It’s great to recognize that, as well as to ensure that you don’t log in to scams and use the special email address specifically developed for Airdrops.

 Before signing up for an airdrop listing, you can take a few main steps into account.

  • Do not share your private keys- If you are asked to enter your private keys at any point by an airdrop, immediately back out of it. 
  • Asking for money- This is a bad sign if any airdrop asks you to pay up-front for participating. Conduct due diligence properly. 
  • Suspicious activity- Information concerning the official website, team, and social media pages should also be reviewed before participating.

In addition, it is also one of the important steps that can be introduced to create a dedicated email address specifically for airdrops. Once you know that the project is legit and authorize, you can relax, knowing your time and effort will not be wasted. 

Airdrops are an easy way to acquire new crypto tokens, and if you are a dedicated Airdrop Hunter, you know that it may take a while but will make your effort worth it. Start your airdrop journey today and share your experience with us!

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