5 Signs Your Phone Battery Needs to Be Replaced

When you’ve had your cellphone for a long time, battery problems can occur, indicating that the battery is worn out or malfunctioning. Few things are more aggravating than a battery that won’t last for hours to get you through your busy days. 

So that your battery doesn’t die, you must bind your phone to a plug. When the battery in your smartphone dies without using it, it is time to replace it. Here are various indicators that your phone battery is damaged or needs to be repaired.

5 Signs That Your Phone Battery Is Damaged

The phone restarts on its own.

Many smartphone users have expressed their dissatisfaction with this. It’s an annoying indication of a failing phone battery. You could be in the middle of doing something important when your phone decides to restart. If your phone restarts itself while you’re doing anything without prompting you, it’s almost probably time to replace it. Check your battery if this happens regularly.

To have your battery checked and replaced, you can visit Fixabledevice.nyc Samsung repair. They also offer battery replacement for other phone models like Google and LG. 

Charging cycles don’t fully recharge the phone.

When your phone cannot reach a full charge within a regular charging cycle timeline, your phone battery needs to be replaced. Most cellphones take 2 to 3 hours to recharge from a completely depleted battery to a fully charged battery, so give it a try by allowing your phone’s battery to die.

After that, you can charge it for the period of time recommended by the manufacturer. Turn it on and check the battery level; if it’s less than 100 percent, your battery cannot hold a full charge.

The phone only holds the charge for a short time.

Something is wrong if you charge your phone and then have to charge it again a few hours or even minutes later. If your phone used to maintain a charge for far longer under the same amount of use, you know the battery is going to fail.

Your battery will die a lot faster if your consumption has increased significantly and you continuously use your phone to listen to music on iTunes, sync to Bluetooth, play games, and make long phone conversations.

If your phone is bulging or swelled up, stop using it right now.

If your phone bulges in the middle or becomes very hot on or off the charger, that’s also an indication of a poor battery, but you should stop using it right immediately and take it to a professional like Fixabledevice.nyc iPhone Repair to get it looked at. Accidents and failures do, however, occur. Nobody loves it when their pants catch fire, so don’t dismiss any signals of excessive heat or swelling.

Your phone doesn’t turn on at all. 

This is a clear indication that your phone’s battery needs to be replaced. If your phone doesn’t turn on owing to a dead battery, you’ll need to replace it. However, you must first attempt to charge the phone, and if it does not turn on and display no signs of power, such as lights, sounds, or other indicators of power, it will require a permanent battery replacement.

Exploring Battery Replacement Options

Check your manufacturer’s warranty if you’ve had your phone for less than a year to see if you’re eligible for a free battery replacement due to a problem. If you purchased an extended warranty from the manufacturer, your phone carrier, or a third-party company, the same rules apply. You might be able to get your phone or battery replaced for free if you go to a local repair shop or send it in.

Otherwise, depending on your phone, look into paid battery replacement possibilities. iPhones, for example, do not have batteries that can be removed and replaced by the typical user, so you’ll need to take your phone to an Apple Store or another repair specialist like Fixabledevice.nyc iPhone Repair to do so.

Because certain Android phones have replaceable batteries, resolving the issue may require purchasing a new battery online, removing the phone’s back, and replacing the old detachable battery. Other Android phones require the assistance of a professional like Fixabledevice.nyc Samsung repair unless you have the necessary experience.


If you use a brand new smartphone battery under typical conditions, you may expect it to last at least two or three years. You can make your smartphone battery last longer by keeping it away from high temperatures and charging it carefully.

However, battery troubles grow more typical once your phone is two or three years old. Because you’re unlikely to have a warranty that will cover the high expense of a battery replacement, you’ll have to choose between buying a new phone or upgrading to a newer model.

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