4 Weeks Fitness Routine: Get Perfectly Shaped This Spring


Can you already feel the warm breeze blowing on your face? Well, great! It is spring time and be ready to pull out your best tank tops, sundresses and swimsuits. This is a splendid time to go outdoors, enjoy the blossoming of the flowers and face this season with a big smile on your face. It is the time to get you back on track and be motivated to get your best body for outdoor activities. Yeah, the winter season must have added extra weight on you, but don’t let that though bother you, get it off your head and kick start your own workout routine.


To Get Started

First, you need to create a positive mindset and be willing to start your fitness routine leaving no rooms for excuses or any negative views. Believe in yourself that you can do it! Once you have a positive outlook and dedication for this workout, then you’re good and ready for the task. Set your schedule according to your convenience and keep yourself prompted.  You just need to make sure that you follow the 4-week exercise plan. Prepare your shoes and your outfit.  It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can do this at home as well.


Week 1 Routine (at least 1-2 hrs a day):

#1: Cardio – can burn the calories you gained over the winter season. A cardio pre workout is essential to get you body ready for any routine.

-Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (at least 10 mins with 10 second interval)

-Treadmill or Jogging

-Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps

source: www.beastmodenorway.files.wordpress.com

#2: Weight lifting – to add muscle strength to your body like the chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. I have come across Bodybuilding and they have an easy to follow weight training guides you can follow.

-Dumbbell Exercises

-Ball Exercises

-Barbell Exercises

-Band Exercises

source: weightbench1.com


Week 2 Routine (at least 1-2 hrs a day):

#1: Cardio – this time you need to intensify your workout. You need to do something extra than your previous week.

-Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (at least 10 mins with 10 second interval)

-Treadmill or Jogging for 30 mins

-Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps (this can be incorporated with jogging or running)


#2: Lower Body Workout (Tightening and Toning) – I have encountered more lower body exercises that could help at Muscleandfitness, you can check it out.

-Leg Press

-Leg Curls

source: www.uncontrolledvocabulary.com

Week 3 Routine (at least 1-2 hrs a day):

#1: Abs Exercises – lose you fats and have that sculpted abs in no time! I have found Shape and discovered conducive workout to help you out with it.

-Crunches (Reach your foot while raising your legs upward and stretch your arms. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat)

-Planking (Hold for 30 seconds and do sideways)

-Sit ups/Curl Up

source: www.fitwatch.com


#2: Cardio (45 mins)

-Jogging/Treadmill (30 mins)

-Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps


Week 4 Routine (at least 1-2 hrs a day):

#1: Cardio (30 mins)

-Jogging/Treadmill (30 mins)

-Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps


#2: Do A Little Bit of Everything – Integrate all the exercises and do it at your own pace. Combine both strength and cardio exercises to perfectly get into shape.

Total Body Workout
source: www.fitnessflex.org.uk


All these might look like much, but don’t you worry, you’ll get used to it. To achieve your goal, it would be best to add a healthy diet to your routine. Eat the right food rich with vitamins to boost your system. You can also go for all-organic supplements that could help strengthen your immune system. Once you’ve done all this, you surely will have a rocking spring body that’s worth flaunting.

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