Be one of Scoopfed Guest Author!

We at Scoopfed always believe that it is always better to share lots of ideas, that is why we are inviting avid and interested authors to write here. You have the freedom to choose your own column which means that you can choose in which column you can write from technology, sports, entertainment, how to, reviews, social media, world news up to health.


  • A minimum of 800 words and include a short description of your post about 150 characters.
  • All your final content drafts must include an author bio wherein author bio should be about 40-50 words which should be snappy, informative and brief and for the photo please include your gravatar email, so that we can fetch the photo of yours.
  • You can include one link to your website and one link to your social media profile on your bio.
  • Well structured, written in clear English & free from grammar errors
  • Content must have a voice, bold, interesting and human
  • Unique or original, exclusive for this blog post only, please don’t send old posts
  • Topics: technology, sports, entertainment, how to, reviews, social media, world news and health
  • Write what you really good at, you have the freedom to choose from those given topics, keep the content great.
  • Please do not include images larger than 600px in width and 100 kb in size and make sure to provide the right source of your photo for images under certain license.
  • You can also include YouTube videos as long as it is relevant to the post and must have a source.
  • No affiliate links or codes included in the content submitted
  • We will be glad if you can use as linkback to the previously posted articles of Scoopfed

What we don’t publish

  • Offending, spam, porn and promotional or sales pitches and press releases
  • Previously published work are not allowed

How to submit:

If you are qualified with the basic requirements, you can send your post at [email protected] attached it using the following formats:

  • HTML
  • Word Document File

What’s next?

  • After submission, an editor will review or screen your submission and will give a reply within a week if your submitted post is fitted for posting.
  • The editor will send you also a feedback if there is any and you need to address the feedback to make your content published.
  • The editor will notify you if there are additional feedback.
  • The editor will send you a reply if your post is posted.
  • The editor also has the right to decline your posts and will notify you about it.

Posted Contributor’s Responsibilities:

If your content is now posted, you have the following responsibility as a contributor:

  • Share your content on social media
  • Reply on comments under your column

How to make your post featured on homepage?

Our basis will be the following:

  • On-trend topics
  • Large amount of social media shares
  • Create buzz through the number of sensible comments.

Note: To avoid spamming, all comments are under moderation.

Write a scoop that can feed and nourish the mind of your readers . Make them interesting, a post which stands out.

Are you ready for submission? Send it at [email protected].