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AI and SEO: The Place of Artificial Intelligence in SEO

The Scoop: Artificial Intelligence is all the rave now and has established its place in different industries. However, where is its place in SEO?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been the talk of the virtual town. Every article, every blog, and media have been talking about it and its capabilities in the now and in the future. Surely you can’t miss it.

In the world of computers, all the humans in the world cannot decode every data available on the internet. Therefore, we are sorely at a disadvantage if people, especially business owners and marketers, wanted to get information from the data that are stored. That’s where AI comes in handy.

With its capability to crunch numbers and analyzing data on the internet, the AI can provide valuable information derived from the internet. It has proven to improve how the industries function such as in healthcare, education, and more. However, what does AI have to offer in Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Google’s AI: RankBrain

AI Brain

Google, being the largest search engine in the world can’t keep up with the high demand of searchers using their system. To provide the best user experience, they employed RankBrain. A machine learning AI system responsible for delivering your search results when you search in Google.

How RankBrain Affects SEO?

Less Black Hat Activity

RankBrain is smart. Smarter than you know and it keeps on learning with every single day. It doesn’t just crawls and pass by your website’s contents. It also understands it. Other than that RankBrain is good at following a pattern. If it sees anything unnatural with a link in to patrol the virtual streets for black hat activity efficiently, it will know. Reinforced with Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird update, RankBrain is able to patrol the virtual streets for black hat activity efficiently.

No Need to Focus on Keywords

Before, searching has to have the exact keywords to get what you are looking for on the internet. Now, RankBrain allows users to search without having to match keywords. It also has the capability to understand what people mean by their queries through latent semantic indexing.

Voice Search Influence

Voice Search

Did you know that your phone’s virtual assistant is actually an AI? Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and more are AI virtual assistants that made themselves at home in your devices. Not only they manage your phone or home setting for you, but they are also the reason why you are using voice search.

Voice Search in SEO

Death of Short-tail Keywords

The usual one to two keywords is quickly dying with the implementation of voice search. How people input their queries in search engines drastically differs on how they do so when typing. The use of exact match keyword when searching is dying as well. Therefore, short-tail keywords are out and long-tail keywords are in.

More Optimized Content

Content marketing is not SEO and SEO is not content marketing. However, both are a perfect combination to boost rankings in the search results. In voice search, content and SEO should also optimize their performance. Ensure that you optimize your Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) page and incorporate snippets and schema to make the search engine understand your page better.

Where AI is Meant to Be in SEO


There are many more capabilities that AI can achieve. Man hasn’t unlocked it yet. However, there is fear that these superior abilities of AI can replace humans. That won’t happen though. At least not yet.

Currently, AI is still dependent on human input. Although it may surpass humans in terms of number crunching and data analyzing, AI can never surpass human capabilities such as emotions, values, and more. Therefore, AI’s role is to assist and help out with routine tasks and virtual tasks such as fetching information from the internet and more.

What do you think about having an AI in SEO?

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