Emma Stone, Not in Social Media. She’s OK!

Think about having personal choices. Whenever celebrities begin to make choices, the people start to critic.

This holiday season, when everyone is busy trying to share the fun and joy they have with their friends and families through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, perhaps, this one lady we all know simply wants to keep everything private.

Sharing Your Life with a Stranger

You may agree with me on this one. After Emma Stone‘s interview with LA Times and EPIX, there is a real life lesson we can keep. You have to keep in mind that social media is public. And although the private button is an option for you to choose from, the internet realm is too vague that no matter what, people will be able to know about your life.



Think about sharing an Instagram photo. The moment you hit on the ‘post’ button, you will soon realize that people will be calling or be asking about the picture you just shared. Say you have just visited your folks and had the best time. To your excitement, you posted a photo of you and your folks hanging out in your living room. A friend sees it and knew that you just spent time with your parents. You get home and go back to work. Unknowingly, this friend who saw your post, suddenly asked you how was your trip. Now, don’t get surprised. You would often get caught in this kind of situation. In short, the moment people will be able to check on your post, you have allowed these people to witness a part of your life.

It’s an Option

Would you consider it as an option? You’re probably thinking why there is some people who prefer not to have any social media accounts. They have their own reasons. One, they simply want to keep their lives private. Perhaps, this is what Stone wanted. She prefers not to have people like her photos or post comments on her posts. The bottom line is she simply do not what everybody to know what she feels. She believes, everyday, people are cultivating on people’s lives. Some people want to post a picture of themselves wearing what they think is best.

Stone didn’t want fame. Although this is the best reason you can think of. No, it’s not just businesses who are trying to be recognized, celebrities have seen the beauty of social media. It has allowed them to be popular. A single post can go a long way. 

image source: whatstrending.com

A Life Without Social Media 

In the advent where social media has become part of everybody’s lives, some people are sad to know that Emma Stone wouldn’t be able to know what the people are tweeting about. Whether good or bad, social media still plays a great role in our lives. Not that we wanted to share our private lives to strangers (we may not be celebrities), there are just a lot of information we can get when we connect with people in social media. Moreover, business entrepreneurs are taking advantage of social media as they have a powerful marketing tool. For Emma Stone, it may be a life without finding time to know what the people are talking about. It’s a life without blocking trolls. That is how she wanted it to be and she doesn’t care about what people would think about.

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