Pre-Load Ready: Final Fantasy XV is Hitting PC Soon!

The Scoop: Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC sooner rather than later. You can also download the demo ahead of the time before the launch next week!

Waiting for Final Fantasy XV for your PC? Well, wait no more. The game can now be downloaded ahead of time before their launch on March 6. Square Enix announced a good news for those who are waiting to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV through Twitter.

They informed their fans that they can now pre-load their game which is a great help since the game is about 100GB+ to 155GB+ in size. The game includes the base game, it’s Downloadable Content(DLC), and Comrades multiplayer mode.

Furthermore, be sure that your PC has the appropriate specs to be able to run the game smoothly. You can also use Square Enix’s benchmark tool to improve your PC before the full game’s release.

Prep and Pre-Load


Bonus: If you buy the game before May 1, you will be able to avail Half-Life Content if you buy on Steam and The Sims 4 Content on Origin.

So are you getting ready to start your new adventure?

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