Reasons Why You Are Always Feeling Tired

Do you often feel tired? Are you having trouble staying awake? Are you experiencing constant lack of energy? If you are experiencing these symptoms, most likely you are experiencing fatigue. Fatigue is a constant tiredness that is limiting our body to be productive. When experiencing fatigue, you may feel unexplained, relapsing and persistent tiredness. With it, you may not able to work effectively and productively.

Oftentimes, too busy lifestyle is to blame for always feeling tired. But as much as this is true, there are other underlying reasons why you always feel too tired. Too much exhaustion means that there is something disrupting your system which you must find out the reasons why.

Here are some reasons why you are experiencing fatigue.


Fatigue can be cause by anemia. The lack of red blood cells which is responsible in bringing oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body.  The result of this could be shortage of breath and you may always feel weak. Anemia is commonly cause by the lack of iron which will make you feel sluggish, easily irritated and unable to focus. It is essential to boost your iron intake and pair it up with Vitamin C to reduce the risk of anemia.

You’re dehydrated

Dehydration can take its toll in your body. The loss of normal fluids in the body can cause lack of energy levels. When your body loses body fluids, the blood becomes thicker. This can make your heart pump less efficiently which can lead to less efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients in the whole body. To know how much fluid your body needs, you have to take your weigh in pounds and divide it in half. That’s the number of ounces of fluid you need daily.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is another cause why you always feel tired. The food you consume every night, although you are sleeping, is consumed by the body to keep the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing. Every morning you need to refuel your body with a healthy breakfast to maintain energy levels and kick start your metabolism. When you skip breakfast, your body lacks energy to stay active. Healthy foods to eat for breakfast must include grains, lean protein and healthy fat.

Too Much Stress

Trying to do everything and striving to be perfect can cause stress. It is normal for the body to feel the stress but too much stress have a downside. Normally, the highest level to stress hormone cortisol happens in the morning and it lowers down at night. Worrying too much can disrupt this rhythm. Your cortisol level may never fall off at night which can cause lack of sleep. Although you cannot avoid stress but you can always change the way you handle stress. A mindful practice in handling stress can ease fatigue. Make sure to leave all worries of work in your workplace and let your body have a relaxing sleep at night.

You’re Not Working Out

If you think skipping workout can save your energy, then you are actually wrong. In fact, it can work against you. Active lifestyle can boost endurance and strength and promote efficiency on how your cardiovascular system delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body. Too much time spent sedentary can drain your fuel tank. Start moving even if your work requires you to sit down on a computer for a long period of time. You can stand and walk for at least 5 minutes from time to time.

Fatigue or too much exhaustion should not be taken for granted. Fatigue, if ignored, can result to even more serious health problems. That is why it is important to know the underlying causes of fatigue to address them properly. The reasons mentioned above are common causes of too much exhaustion but there are other causes of fatigue that are more serious and needs immediate attention.

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