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Halloween is already near and many spooky decorations start appearing in different establishments and stores, now that autumn already started. Everyone is excited, especially the kids where they can put on their scary costumes and fancy accessories. People are now also decorating their front porch to their living room and other parts of the house to match with the holiday season. But, why buy those pricey stuffs when you can make your own using your common household items. With some help of Houzz.com, you can now decorate your home in a practical way.

Haunted Rooms

source: wegli.com
source: wegli.com

Make your living or dining room look creepy by covering some of your furnitures with some old white sheets. Oversized circle beach towels will do like from The Circle Towel. Then, try to hang faux cobwebs on all of your picture frames displayed and on the non-lighting portions of your chandelier. You can also pull your cheesecloth in several directions that will eventually result in large holes to make the look of an old spider web. Also, the picture frames can also look more eerie if you’ll remove the pictures on them and rehang the frames at different angles. Make a makeshift scarecrow out of your old towel or clothing and place it on the corner of your room that will result to a mysterious creature on the floor. Your guests will speculate that it is a monster or a dead body.

Fake Ghost

source: immigrationimpact.com
source: immigrationimpact.com

You can make ghosts from your old pillowcase or folded old white sheet and stuffing them with old newspapers or rags to add bulk to its head. Tie the neck with a strip of the fabric. Clothespins or a safety pin poked through your creation at the top of the head can also serve as the hook when you hang your ghost. Put a fabric paint or a dark marker to give the ghost a scary look or just a cute face. Try also some fake miniature ghosts in the same fashion by using small towels or handkerchiefs. The more ghosts you have, the more scary it is.

Shrunken Heads

source: gettyimages.com
source: gettyimages.com

Making faux shrunken heads can boost the eerie factor in any parts of the house. Peeled potatoes or apples can serve as the base for the shrunken heads, the larger the better. Carve a face on the apple or potato using the paring knife or butter knife. If you want to use the apple, allow the carved piece to brown slightly. Next, place these carvings in the small jars filled with vinegar and coloring for more colors. Put a label on the jar that will look like it’s a specimen on the laboratory. You can also carve other shapes such as fingers or a hand.

Making your own Halloween decorations allow you to think some new and creative ways and making something out from what you think may disposed to the trash or recycle bin. This can also be a fun project for the whole family this Halloween. Happy trick or treat!

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