The Role of AI for Google’s YouTube: A Replacement for Green Screen?

The Scoop: Did you wonder how those movies look like they really are in an alien place? Green screens. Now that technology has evolved, it seems the role of AI for YouTube Stories is replacing your mundane backgrounds without the use of green screens.

We’ve already heard a lot of things about what Artificial Intelligence can do when integrated into our current technology. With advanced technology, it looks like AI still has a lot under its sleeves for us.

We all see it in action with what AI can possibly do with our phones.

AI as Budget-friendly Green Screen

Recently, YouTube has incorporated the use of AI replacing the function of green screens on mobile phones. This new feature enables people to make videos using different backgrounds just like in the movies. This feature is called Mobile Real-Time Segmentation that you can see from their blog.


This feature is in beta and is available for a few YouTubers and is just for YouTube Stories use only. It looks like Instagram and Snapchat’s AR feature only they affect the background which eats up a lot of resources.

However, this technology seemed to be doing a pretty good job with the green screen effects. Google did mention that they will improve and expand their segmentation technology as they plan to incorporate it into their AR services.

Although they didn’t specify when will that happen, it still worth looking forward to. Maybe you should keep your green screens for a little longer until then.

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