7 Black Mirror Moments That Might Already Be in Real Life

The Scoop: Black Mirror is an awesome and terrifying TV series. Awesome where it shows the wonders of technology. Terrifying since how much of these Black Mirror moments are already in the real world?

Black Mirror is Netflix’s hit drama-sci-fi show that portrays a world where the technology is pretty advanced. So advance but not that advanced enough that the watchers won’t be able to relate.

On the contrary, what the show portrayed are the following moments that might already be in our lives.

Life is Based On Ratings

Aren’t we already rating ourselves even without having these fancy tech like the ones here in Nosedive? Social media is all about reputation, ratings, and fame, anyway. Wind up in the wrong crowd and see your social media reputation plummet down. Moreover, social ratings used as credits are getting a little real more than realized with China planning to use a social credit score to rate citizens.

There Are Eyes Everywhere

Be careful what the internet offers. This is one of the scariest Black Mirror moments that I’ve watched. Why? This episode has the highest chances of happening to anyone right now, in this day and age. Heck, it’s already happened already to some people. Even though the hackers on this episode played “Mr. Jigsaw,” don’t push your luck that the hackers in this world will do the same. That or they’ll do worse. Therefore, be careful when being online and keep yourself secure.

A Step Closer to Your History

Reminiscing the past is taking a whole new level in Black Mirror. By implanting a “grain,” you will have the ability to watch previous memories that the technology has recorded. It seems that being able to forget is not going to be an excuse anymore. However, the technology might be closer at hand than we might realize. Snapchat and Google are slowly moving to take visual experience to the next level with their glasses and spectacles. But what about this one?

Modifying the Senses

Men Against Fire

Is it just me or is this episode hinting at another era of genocide? What’s worse, technology here is used to modify people’s senses. Swapping how soldiers see, hear, and smell those around them differently, like turning people into monsters, makes it easier for them to kill. Face-swapping is already ongoing, how long will it take for someone to invent to alter other senses?

Killer Bees


Well, the episode of Hated in the Nation is very real. At least most parts of it. Robot bees are real. Even though the threat of what hackers can do to these magnificent creatures, you have to admit that they really are cool. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to be using #DeathTo anytime soon.



Parenting is not easy, especially if there’s only one person who gets to take care of a curious and rambunctious child. However, Arkangel tech is a bit of overboard when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety. There has been plenty of scientific breakthroughs that relates to this episode. One example is using brain images to reveal the movies in our mind.

Matchmaking AIs

Online dating is not uncommon nowadays. Just look at Tinder and Grindr, for instance. Happy endings in Black Mirror is not often, so having this kind of episode is somewhat refreshing. Even though you will question what Artificial Intelligence is up to when matchmaking since they are incapable of feelings, they can, however, calculate and analyze human emotions to be able to come up with a result in the end.

Getting Excited for the Future Now?

Black Mirror is just a TV show. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to heed the messages that it presents. This article proved that even if it’s just science fiction, you can’t deny that they have the probability to happen in the future.

The future isn’t definite, so there is no reason to panic right now. However, let these episodes be the warning of what technology can do for us whether we like it or not. Technology is actually a beautiful thing. It is also powerful and can become dangerous to us. It takes proper use and responsibility when utilizing their abilities.

So what’s your favorite Black Mirror episode that you want to come true?

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