10 Reasons To Switch To An iPad Restaurant POS

Many businesses have adopted the iPad as a versatile and effective business tool since its introduction. The hospitality industry, on the other hand, took a little longer to accept the restaurant iPad. Many people initially thought the restaurant iPad was less reliable than conventional POS systems, just like how restaurants in the United States have long been wary of contactless payments.

These initial concerns were easily dispelled, and restaurateurs have flocked to the restaurant’s iPad in droves. The iPad restaurant POS system is rapidly becoming the new norm, with significant benefits such as quicker table turnaround time and more streamlined operations.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what kind of advantages a restaurant iPad can provide for your business. 

Advantages of an iPad Restaurant POS

The following are ten important advantages of using an iPad POS in a restaurant: 

1. Cost Saving

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People think that the iPad restaurant POS system may be expensive because of its looks, but it is actually a much less expensive choice than a traditional POS system.

If you purchase the traditional POS system with all the components you needed, you can spend around $5,000 to $7,000. On the other hand, an entire component of an iPad restaurant POS system will only cost you 1,000 to $1,500.

2. Simple Setup

In most cases, installing a traditional POS device for your business necessitates hiring an expert technician to set up– a procedure that is not only complex and time-consuming but which may result in lost revenue due to downtime.

On the other hand, iPad POS needed only a simple setup with no need for a technician. It is user-friendly which can be set up by you and just by following the manual.

3. Mobility

Since the iPad POS was made to be transportable, you can just easily bring it anywhere. Unlike many POS systems that are composed of fixed components, a restaurant iPad can be carried anywhere in your establishment. The greatest advantage of improved versatility for restaurants is that servers will take orders at the table without letting customers wait for too long.

4. Saves Space

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iPads will save you a lot of room in your restaurant. Many POS systems have bulky components that must be held in one location on-site. iPads, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and compact, taking up much less space. Not to mention that iPads are tiny and wireless, allowing them to be carried around the restaurant.

5. Speed  

Unlike fixed POS systems, the iPad’s system can be carried at any table. This ensures that servers will take orders and instantly send them to the kitchen. The kitchen can prepare the food right away, minimizing sending orders in bulk.

6. Accuracy

As previously mentioned, restaurants that use fixed POS systems require staff to write orders before returning to the POS system to punch them in. The issue is that manual data entry allows for a wide variety of errors, which cost both time and money. However, by using an iPad, you can take the orders right away without the need to write them down, and staff can serve the orders without hassle. Also, with modifications, servers can easily change it on the Ipad, which the people in the kitchen can easily understand.

7. Durable

Restaurants are harsh environments, so devices must be able to handle a few drops, splashes, and scratches. Fortunately, the iPad POS is rugged enough to survive most restaurant environments. 

You don’t have to worry about the servers scratching up the screens as they punch in orders because the iPad screen is made of thin, scratch-resistant glass. You can also shield the screen from significant damage with the addition of a simple case.

8. Remote Data Access

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With a restaurant iPad POS, all of your data is saved in the cloud. As the restaurant owner, this is beneficial as you can access your account wherever you are. You just need internet and a phone or laptop to open it. This is a huge advantage since it allows you to handle and see how your restaurant works virtually. 

9. Low Learning Curve

Educating workers on how to use a POS system is one of the most important obstacles to switching POS systems. Fortunately, an iPad POS’s learning curve is one of the shortest of any POS device available.

Right out of the box, iPads are designed to be automatic and quick to use. This ensures that even employees who are not used to modern technology can quickly learn how to use an iPad POS system.

10. Enhanced Customer Experience

Using a restaurant iPad to take orders at the table allows servers to get orders in quicker, allowing the kitchen to get food out faster because tickets aren’t coming in all at once.

There’s less room for error when you’re already punching in order right there and then. And it leads to a more positive dining experience when guests get exactly what they ordered in less time than they expected.`

A restaurant iPad can also be used to accept purchases at the table, removing the need for the workers to take each guest’s credit card to the register and then return with a receipt for them to sign. This significantly speeds up service and will boost the customers’ experience.

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