6 Vampire Apps that Drain Your Phone’s Battery for 2018

The Scoop: Our mobile phones are our companions but it keeps dying on you. What kind of vampire apps should you purge from your phone to conserve battery this 2018?

We are living in the mobile generation. From simply texting and calling people, mobile phones are capable of doing many things. They can do text, calls, surf the internet, play games, and so much more! They have become our personal computers minus the heavy, bulky form and troublesome cords.

However, there is no forever. Your phone can’t last the day unless you are not using it. If you are and if it’s not charged, your phone will die until you charge it again. It is normal for battery life to drain when you are using it but what if it keeps on dying on you even when you are not using it?

Most of the times, the apps that you are installed are the culprits for making your phone die ahead of schedule. According to Avast, here are the apps that are behind the battery drains and how can you counter them in 2018.

Battery-Eaters on Phone’s Start-Up

Apps that run automatically in the background are the worst. They are silent and they are deadly. The moment that they start along with turning on your phone, it will eat up battery life whether you like it or not.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Maps are an important part of a phone’s feature. Maps that are not digital are getting obsolete, not to mention it is troublesome to fold and re-folding it. However, even though Google Maps is important, it keeps on running in the background.

It constantly gathers and updating data using your WiFi, or worse, mobile data. It also renders those high-end graphics to improve your maps. What’s more, it keeps on getting your location using your GPS. With this much usage from your phone, its no wonder it drains a lot of battery.

App Hack: Turn off your GPS and disable access location when you are not using it. Clear cache and data. If you’re a homebody or know the place like the back of your hand, disable Google Maps on the App Manager.

Facebook & Facebook Messenger


Everyone’s favorite social media app is also one of the most battery vampires there is. A lot have noticed that Facebook and Facebook Messenger are eating more than they could chew off your phone’s battery.

According to Ari Grant, Facebook’s Engineering Director, that there might be two reasons why the app drains so much battery life. It could be a CPU spin, where Facebook keeps the CPU at work even if the app is not doing anything. The other is audio management, where a user plays a media on Facebook and closes it, the audio keeps on running even without something playing from it.

App Hack: You can update your Facebook and see if it improved the battery-eating. If not, uninstall both the apps and browse them through your mobile browser instead.


App Lock

Tool applications, especially ones that connect to your phone’s system normally turn on with your phone’s start-up. This makes them run in the background even when not in use. Therefore, these kinds of apps eat more than others.

AppLock features help protect your phone by applying passwords, patterns, and even a fingerprint scanner. It also beat the usual phone lock by integrating pretty and eye-catching animations. However, that is also another way for it to eat up battery.

App Hack:  Reduce the use of animations and animated themes. AppLock is equipped with battery saving features, you can also use that.

Battery Life Suckers When Using

Unlike the previous apps, these apps only suck up your battery life when in use. Even so, they can still make a dent in your phone’s battery bar.



Netflix is becoming more and more popular by the minute. From their impeccable recommendations and their “one-stop-shop” feature, they are becoming the cream of the crop of the entertainment world. However, they are also becoming a pain point for mobile users everywhere.

Netflix provides their users with the highest quality of videos available in their arsenal. High-quality movies mean it is heavy on the file size. Your phone downloads these data using your WiFi, which eats up battery. If you are using mobile data, times three the draining.

App Hack: Avoid downloading or streaming when you don’t have a charger nearby. You can stream using WiFi instead of mobile data to lessen the burden. Lower your screen brightness when watching.



Snapchat is another popular app that enables users to take their selfies employing stack upon stack of filters. I am not the one to complain, though. Their filters are very pretty. However, this app is also consistent to be in these kinds of lists.

The app is using your camera, it collects your location information through GPS and downloads data for the filters, stories, and messages. That can surely make a great impression on your phone’s battery which makes this Snapchat a high demanding app.

App Hack: Turn on Snapchat’s Travel Mode found in your settings, go to “Manage” and select Additional Services. You will find the mode there. You can also disable its “Background App Refresh” if your phone has it. This will stop Snapchat from updating when the app is not open.



Every one loves messages, especially if people are far away from each other. Communication is key anyway. Line is yet another messaging app that contributes to eating up battery life.

Line offers free messaging and calls. The catch? As long as you have an internet connection, you can talk and text non-stop. However, when you are using it, it constantly runs in the background if you don’t close it even if you make your phone sleep. The app connects to your network to be able to collect data and notify you as soon as you receive a message which can use up battery life.

App Hack: Stopping from sending messages is always a choice. However, if you really want to connect and save your battery, you should turn off push notifications for your messaging apps.

Happy Apps, Happy Battery

Having a phone with no battery in the future would be phenomenal. However, since we’re not there yet, we should be content with what we have now.

The day is still long ahead and you don’t want to have your phone dying on you at the start of the day. Save yourself the effort of rummaging through your bag for a charger and looking for a socket. Extend your phone’s battery life by watching out for vampire apps and purging them from it.

Keep your apps optimized and clear out unwanted data and cache for a happy battery life.

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