9 Witty Desktop Wallpapers that Will Just Crack You Up

The Scoop: Desktop wallpapers exist in order to avoid making your computer look boring and drab everytime you boot up your computer. However, some people are taking personalization to the next level. Take a look at some of the witty desktop wallpapers that you might want to use for yourself as well.

To lay claim on your computer as your own, first and foremost, customize your desktop wallpaper. That way, everytime you boot up your computer, you will be able to see something that you actually associate with yours.

However, there is always the problem with organizing how to make your desktop wallpaper harmonize with your desktop icons.

Fortunately, that is not impossible to pull off because some people managed to be successful at it. Here are some of the wittiest desktop wallpapers that will crack you up and make you want to have one for yourself.

The “Iconic” Saturn

Via Reddit

The galaxy and universe is always a good view to look forward to whenever you turn on your computer. Don’t you just like this majestic view to come welcome you everytime you use your computer?

Scary Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer
Via Reddit

Internet Explorer has made an impression on people everywhere. Especially for geeks and web designers. It is no wonder that even though Microsoft released a better version of IE, people are having difficulties in trusting it again. And it really shows in this desktop wallpaper.

Let the Games Begin

Via Reddit

Don’t you just love the movie Saw? However, when it happens to you, that is not so good after all. Take this person’s wallpaper for example. After taking it to their friend for fixing, that friend played a harmless little prank on them after. So which do you think is the real Google Chrome?

Folder Arts

Good for Kids’ Wallpaper

Via Clubees

Good for Uh… Big Kids’ Wallpaper

Via Imgur

Whether you admit it or not, you haven’t thought about customizing your folders like how these people customized theirs. Either they have plenty of time on their hands or they just want to take their desktop wallpaper personalization to the highest level.

How to Personalize a 4-Monitor Set-up

Via Imgur

You got to admit, it’s kind of hard to personalize a wallpaper that connects four monitors. However, don’t worry because Nyan Cat will save the day. Isn’t it cute? The genius idea is just a bonus.

What About for 2-Monitor Set-Ups

Star Wars
Via Reddit

you can do something with a four-monitor set-up, how about thinking of something for two-monitor ones? And here it is! So for Star Wars fans who have two monitors at home, you know what to do now.

Poor Internet Explorer

Via Bright Side

The violence and hate for Internet Explorer still continue after all of the trauma that people had experienced under its reign.


Via Imgur

A fan of the movie Inception? However, will you be able to portray your love for the movie through your desktop wallpaper? Well, this guy might give you an idea. Check out this monitorception. It can get dizzying so don’t look and analyze it closely.

Bonus: Undertale Sans Nerd


Yep, for every great fandom, there will always be nerds that will dedicate their time and effort to reflect what they love on their desktop.

Personalize Your Desktop with a Flair

Don’t just settle with the ordinary. Let your desktop wallpaper reflect who you are, what you like and what you are passionate about. You will be greeted with that site on your computer or laptop every time, so why not make the best of it?

So what’s your favorite desktop wallpaper?

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Featured Image: Get Wallpapers

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