Reasons Why Some Online Weight Loss Hacks Aren’t True

Being healthy is a necessity of every human being. However, struggling with work, school, family and commitments nowadays, managing life is turning into a real struggle leaving little to no time for one’s self. Thus, many people are looking for a way to become healthier the fast and easy way.

This is when the online world becomes very helpful. There are now thousands of weight loss hacks you can search on the internet. There are now fast and easy techniques to help people achieve the healthy life they’re dreaming about. Unfortunately, not all weight loss methods found online are true and credible. Here are some reasons why you should not believe every weight loss hacks you see online.

Misunderstanding Weight loss


Many believe that to lose weight you need to limit your carbohydrates intake. That is why people are engaging in low carb diet. Low carb diet may be the fastest way to lose weight among other dieting methods but did you know that this approach results in the loss of water weight or muscle weight rather than fat weight?

This is often the misconception of people about the real meaning of healthy weight loss. It is not after all about your carb intake, a healthy weight loss is about losing the fat weight while retaining the water and the muscle weight that the body needs.

Not Everyone Have The Same Fitness Needs

Some weight loss hacks you read online are actually too good to be true. But for some people, they actually believe them.  A simple exercise hack can have a different effect from one person to another. The food that helps lose weight may be effective to you while it may have no effect on others due to health complications. The results vary from one person to the other. It actually all depends on a person’s ability to react to that certain exercise or food intake.

Not all people can burn down fat and eat food like a certain person does. Some have a fast metabolism which burns fats faster regardless of the amount of food intake while some people have a slow metabolism which makes them gain weight despite the exercise and the moderate intake of food. It is important that you understand the exercise that your body needs. Know what kind of fitness routine to undergo and the food to be eaten so you can achieve your health goals.

Old Health Beliefs Passed From Different Generations

As technology helps you access health hacks from way back years and years ago, you might until now believe that these age-old hacks are still effective. Some old health and weight loss hacks may no longer be effective because of the changes in lifestyle and activities by different generations.  Hacks like drinking lots of water help lose weight may be true but with the lifestyle habits and the changes in health-related activities of people, it is not enough to burn the fats in the body.

Different lifestyle renders different effects when using a weight loss method. Assess your current lifestyle first in order to find the appropriate weight loss hack that suits you better.

The Role Of Self-control and Discipline


What really makes these hacks credible and true depends on the person himself. These are merely guides and tips to help people achieve something. But when you have no self-control and self-discipline when following these hacks, nothing will come out of it.

Your habits and attitude when performing some weight loss hacks affect the effectiveness of that certain activity.. So before trying out weight loss hacks you read online, make sure that you are really committed. Most weight loss hacks aren’t made to magically turn you into shape. They are just helpful tips in order to motivate you to practice healthy living. In the end, it all rests upon you to make these hacks work.


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