6 Reasons Why Moving Out Makes Unproductivity Fadeout

You’re always yawning. You started to become unproductive every day. You sometimes feel like you’re just dragging yourself to work just because you know how important your salary is. Have you ever experienced this? That you suddenly feel ineffective in your work that it somehow affect your working performance? Whenever you think that you’re not happy anymore, maybe change is the best option you’d ever pick. Change not in the way you dress up or how you interact with other people but the change of environment—home.

You might not be aware of it but your home location can actually modify your career and success. Here are the reasons why you should consider moving out.

Getting away from noisemakers

Who are they? That annoying roommate of yours who keeps on blabbing about her problems, those people who are residing near your house, that landlady who kept on barging inside your room without even knocking. These were just some of the people who can create a negative impact on your sleeping pattern. Yes, sleep. Sometimes, you forgot that having 8-9 hours of sleep could help you to be a focused and productive employee.

They say, sleep is for the weak but in reality, you’ll get weaker when you don’t sleep. Sleep deprivation means poorer performance and productivity and poor performance might eventually lead to termination from work. If you have those kinds of people surrounding you, I guess, it’s about time to bid your goodbyes to them.

Pay attention to your travel time

If it’ll take like 2-3 hours of travel before you get to work, don’t you think it’s already exhausting for you? The time you wake up is most likely earlier than your workmates. Those workmates of yours have sufficient amount of sleep that could help them in doing their tasks well without getting sleepy. While you, on the other hand, you end up feeling drowsy, counting the remaining hours for you to go home.

The time you consume just by commuting can also have a negative effect on how you perform at work. Traffic can be one of the major sources of stress, most especially if you think that you only have 5 minutes before your time-in yet you’re still in the middle of the traffic. So, your solution probably is to wake up early. But, what if you don’t sleep early at night because you still have a report to finish the next day? You end up depriving yourself of sleep just to get up early.

You don’t really like your job

You have your own dream job ever since you were young but sadly, that job isn’t available in your city. What are you going to do? Just settle with the careers available in your town or you’ll take the risk of living your hometown to pursue your dreams. Some people might neglect the importance of having your dream job as your work and this is one of the reasons why they tend to be unproductive.

Why is it important to have a job that is suited for you? First, it allows you to be yourself. You don’t need to act like you’re happy about it when in fact you’re not. Next is, it enables you to align with your passion and do what you love. You won’t treat your tasks as just a requirement for you to get that salary of yours, instead of giving you stress; doing your job became one of your sources of happiness. Lastly, even though you haven’t finished your tasks yet, you already feel fulfilled. You tend to be comfortable with the works assigned to you.

Time to widen your scope

Doing things over and over again is one of the things that might affect your productivity. Don’t get jailed in your comfort zone. The horizon is still wide enough for you to discover. Staying in your job just because of the good pay is good but getting the job that you desire is still better. There are so many options out there; all you need is to choose whatever suits you.

The job that you have right now isn’t the last job in the world. Make use of the internet, it’s just a click away. After you were able to select the jobs that are in line with the field that you’re passionate about, you can now start looking for the apartment or place to stay that is close to your job location and start making the list of things you needed to make the moving out easier.

Changing path to step up

Whenever you step up, it also means that you’re getting out of your comfort zone. But how can you step up when you keep on ignoring the possibility that awaits you? Maybe because of the failures of the past that is why you already forgot to anticipate what the success of the future has stored for you. Successful people are courageous enough to take the leap from what they used to do. They took the risk even though they’re not sure of the consequences that they will be facing.

You have a lot of options but these two things can also help you when it comes to your progress not just in your career but in your life in general. There’s no such thing as age if you’re planning to take the course that you’ve wanted to have. No one’s going to stop you when you feel that moving out can help you boost your career.

Prioritize yourself at all times

If you’ll go solo when you move out, it will help you to be dependent on yourself alone. After the long hours of work, your body needs to be at peace for a moment but how can you achieve that if I your house couldn’t even give you that? Having a quiet time with yourself could help you to become a better employee since it refreshes your mind and relaxes your breathing pattern and these are two of the factors that your home should give to you in order to have a clearer mindset in life.

Make your new environment as a tool for you to become who you wanted to be. Success isn’t measured by the amount of cash you have in your bank nor how huge your house it. It will always boil down to how you are as a person and as an employee.

These are some of the issues that we have overlooked for the past years but actually, could make a huge impact on our productivity. The things that you’re doing at home might reflect on how you handle the tasks given to you. You may not have any idea about it but your environment can either help you or stop you from being productive and there’s no in between.

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