5 Strange Inventions Made to Relieve Stress

The Scoop: Let’s face it, life can be a pain in the butt and we can’t help but stress over it. I’ve got good news and bad news about that. The bad news: stress is inevitable in life and you will always encounter it. Good news: there are inventions made to relieve stress. They’re rather strange though.

Stress is the one thing that people are stressing about. On the upside, not all stress are bad. There are plenty types of stress existing and some of them are even beneficial to the health.

However, that said, most stresses are bad that leaves a person down, depressed, tired and so much more. Luckily, technology is on its way to save the day, or at least try to.

These may be strange inventions made to relieve stress but as long as it really helps with reducing stress, why the heck not?

Sakebi No Tsufu or Shouting Vase

scream jar
Via theCHIVE

One of the best ways to relieve that pent-up stress is to let it out. Inhale the good and exhale the bad is what they would always say. However, you can’t just scream every curse word you know as loudly as you can unless you live in the mountains with no neighbors to disturb. Worry no more because Sakebi No Tsufu is there to help. Just shout out all the stress into this jar and it’ll muffle your stress for you. So let it go and let it all out.

Girlfriend Knee Pillow

lap pillow
Via Wikipedia

Japan is an amazing place to be with their amazing technology along with their amazingly weird innovations as well. However, they may be on to something with this invention for stressed guys. Stress is relieved when resting your head on your loved one’s lap a.k.a girlfriend. If you don’t have a girlfriend or that you are too embarrassed to sleep on your mother’s lap, this girlfriend knee pillow is your thing. You can relax and pretend that you are lying down on your girlfriend’s lap.

Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner

Via YouTube

For restless people who always wanted their hands on the move, get them busy with fidget cube and fidget spinner. The main purpose of why these inventions are made is to distract a person from their current train of thought which hones in with stress. It also helps you focus on your tasks whether you are doing schoolwork or job.

As*h*le Repellent

Via Awesome Stuff to Buy

Everything you do is not the reason that causes you stress. Sometimes it is caused by the people around us. Toxic people to be exact. There are plenty of diverse people all over the world and all over your environment. However, there will always be instances when other people’s attitude or perspective in life is toxic that it permeates your own life and affects you. This may be just for laughs but it is a good way to show those people how bad their attitudes are.

Enter Key Stress Pillow

enter key
Via YouTube

Most of the time, slow internet and that dreaded “Not Responding” notification is enough for you to break your mouse or wreak havoc on your keyboard at work. Spare those poor tools when you can wreak havoc on this Enter Key stress pillow instead. A good slamming of fist on this soft stress pillow is enough to calm your senses after letting the frustration out.

Keep Calm and Relieve Stress

Stress doesn’t have to control your life. Just like your emotions, you either control them or they control you. With the help of these wonderful inventions, you will be able to keep calm and keep the stress away no matter how strange some of these may be.

So what is your favorite stress reliever?

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