5 Ways AI Can Improve Recruitment Efforts & Customer Service

The science operating behind Artificial Intelligence gains more attention every year and only gets more interesting as the days go by. More and more companies are making use of Artificial Intelligence to streamline tasks and make jobs as convenient as possible for its human users.

    • Jobs requiring AI skills have grown 4.5 times since 2013 (Forbes).
    • 83% of businesses that have adopted AI early achieved 30-50% economic benefits (Deloitte).
    • By 2020, AI will take away 1.8 million jobs and give 2.3 million (Venture Harbour).

    63% of consumers believe AI will solve complex problems that plague modern societies (PWC).

But despite its capabilities, AI still has a long way to go before it achieves perfect human cognitive abilities. But most modern machines can be trained to make difficult decisions and think. It’s one of the most flexible solutions for various areas or departments in the business. 

For this reason, you see a lot of AI being used in not just Information technology-centered businesses, but in marketing and development. And recently, in recruitment too.

AI’s Role in Recruitment

5 Ways AI Can Improve Recruitment Efforts

AI has a long history, and even back in 2017, countless articles have been made talking about the role of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment. AI is the latest trend in the talent acquisition front, and it’s not going anywhere in the years to come.


AI can be employed during the recruitment process by implementing the use of problem-solving and machine learning to help businesses locate the best candidates for a position. It was specifically designed to automate the recruiting workflow — especially ones that are repetitive and high-volume.

The next big question here though is: Will AI eventually replace human recruiters?

As it is now, the answer is no. AI is efficient at sorting candidates based on the criteria set by the employer plus the available data. 

But AI can’t replace human recruiters…

The intelligence and emotional quotient of a human recruiter are more valuable than AI’s organizing capabilities when it comes to hiring people to be a part of your team. 

AI is for the mundane and trivial part of talent acquisition. And while it does that, the humans can focus on more productive things — like fostering and enriching professional relationships between employers and employees.

5 Ways that AI Can Make Recruitment Easier

Traditional recruiting involves posting a job online, selecting candidates after a couple of interviews, and then choosing the right person to fill an important position. It’s a repetitive process that’s not very refreshing for your recruiting team.

Every time someone new walks in, people need to start from scratch. That means losing time and information. Efficiency suffers here.

  • Chatbots: Adds more information in resumes and speaks to candidates. It can also answer basic questions. An example is Mya — an advanced chatbot that analyzes candidates’ responses using Natural Language Processing.
  • Virtual assistants: Can contact applicants, as well as store and analyze interaction with each applicant. That solves the problem of needing to start all over again.

#1 AI finds qualified candidates

Artificial Intelligence can be proficient at finding candidates the fit the position within an organization. It’s useful for filling in the gaps that employers might fail to glean from a resume.

Take, for instance, an AI machine’s ability to analyze a candidate’s online presence. They can tell whether they’re active on social media or not. This also works vice versa when candidates employ the use of AI to find a company that fits them best.

#2 They streamline the online application

Perhaps one of the best ways that AI helps businesses is through the management of the online application. The practice of tracking an applicant from recruiter databases tend to make use of dozens of keywords, and data points. These are variables that AI can sort, search, and analyze at a much faster pace and with ease.

In essence, AI helps recruiters prioritize hundreds of resumes — speeding up candidate selection.

#3 AI can be used during interviews

A great example of this is Paradox’s Olivia.

The AI is being used to assist the interview process. It deals with basic questions. You know, the ones that get asked thousand times over with every applicant coming in for the interview. This saves the real meat of the conversation for the human recruiters. 

At the same time, using an AI to interview applicants also formative results. This is a new challenge for the applicant. It encourages straight answers based on facts and knowledge. There are no social or visual cues to rely on to try and please people. With this, it’s even more essential to have concrete preparation and communicate important information that will set them apart.

#4 It’s good for shortlisting your applicants

Let’s say that for one position, there are hundreds of applicants. How do you go about filtering the qualified from the unqualified? Instead of humans skimming through thousands of resumes, AI can be used to help recruiters preselect the best candidates for the given position.

#5 AI provides advanced data analytics

Our world doesn’t have a shortage of data to use and make sense of. So, by taking a more data-driven recruitment process, a company can greatly improve the quality of talent acquisition.

As one can recall, traditional recruitment requires luck and sharp intuition, and it’s more prominent than the scientific approach. As such, the older model is considerably more time consuming than usual.

AI and Customer Service

5 Ways AI Can Improve Recruitment Efforts

Aside from recruitment, there’s also the matter of how AI can change how we serve and interact with customers. When measuring customer satisfaction, companies look at service functions. How long a call center agent spends talking to a customer on the phone or through chat; whether an issue was resolved on the first call, and what the follow-up results were like.

Things we’ve mentioned above are tasks that can be improved with the involvement and the use of AI.

Among call centers and business operations, AI isn’t a thing of a rarity anymore. Call centers in the Philippines, the United States, Australia, Canada, etc are all implementing the use of AI in how they deal with customers.

Both in-house and outsourced call centers and businesses need the power of AI to make trivial tasks easier. This way, agents and customer service representatives can focus on other things.

Here’s what AI technology does for customers:

  • Analyze the tone of their voice and cadence of their language to detect the caller’s mood.
  • Measures pause in the conversation.
  • Counts the number of times the agent interrupts the customer.
  • The tone of voice — both customer and the agent.
  • Gauge if the voice is dynamic, interested, monotonal, or disinterested.
  • Provides the agent with live feedback.

AI Has its Benefits

AI is constantly exploring the areas of business that will need it. That includes recruiters. 

And while it can never truly replace the magic of the human touch, it’s still very beneficial for a lot of businesses when it comes to improving the quality of hire, saving time through automation, making unbiased and scientific decisions, or streamlining analytics.

Some are unsure about AI. Others are uncomfortable and are worried that AI might take over their jobs. And to an extent, they aren’t wrong. 

But with machines doing all the repetitive work, we humans can look forward to being better acquainted with other human beings and forming relationships that will make our tasks easier and more productive.


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