5 Best Techy Gifts to Give This December 2018

December is known as the season of holidays; gift-giving, love, family gatherings, warmth, and all sorts of fuzzy feelings. And what better way to spend Christmas than to present family and loved ones with practical gifts that they can use in their everyday lives?

The influence of technology is everywhere, and perhaps you should start considering holiday gifts that are just so tech savvy, it’s hard to resist. Check out our list of 5 best tech-y gifts to give away this December.

We’ll start off this Christmas-y list with: a powerbank.

With so many tasks and things going on in our phones most of the time, facing the dreaded low-battery symbol is no longer an option. It’s absolutely horrible! Save your friends and loved ones from that peril, and get them a portable power bank for the holidays.

Maybe an Anker PowerCore 10,000 with 10,000 mAh capacity, or the RAVPower 22,000 mAh Power bank with it’s massive mAh capacity. There are other brands out there of course. But whichever one you choose, just be sure of the charging capacity that it offers, so everybody can have a fun time, low-bat free.

Second on the list is a speaker… preferably a portable one.

Again, because our lives are very fast-paced, Bluetooth speakers have become an essential piece of tech that everybody has come to need. Like a laptop or a good pair of headphones, Bluetooth speakers are irreplaceable in our collection of must-own technology.

In fact, you’ve got so many brands to choose from, like the UE Boom 2 or the JBL Charge 3 that it’s just mind-blowing. Nevertheless, choose and do it well; with battery life and sound quality as the paramount factor. Find a speaker that matches any setting you can think of — indoor or outdoor. Trust us, your gift recipients would love it.

Next gift for the coming Holidays would be storage… And ample amounts of it.

Perhaps I’m not alone when I confess to being a digital hoarder myself. Or for your friends and loved ones who have video production as a hobby, then a storage device for Christmas is probably the best they can hope for from people like you.

From flash drives to monstrous external hard drives like the Samsung T5 SSD or the Adata SD700 External SSD rest assured that they all have one goal in mind: and that’s so you dispel worries about too much storage space.

Give the high resolution photos and other large files a home with some heavy duty file keepers. Don’t run out of space at the most inopportune of moments. Find the perfect one just for your family and friends.

Our list also includes high-quality headphones and earbuds. Because who wouldn’t want high-quality sound wherever they go?

I mean, we all can’t stay home and listen to our favorite songs via our handy Bluetooth speakers. We just have to leave home, at some point, and when we’re out there alone, music is high on the list for keeping us company.

Not only do the best pairs of headphones and earbuds ensure comfort, but they also produce awesome sound quality and boast durability. For instance, you have the Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless & Sennheiser HD 800. Give that treasured family member or loved one a true chance to enjoy their music to the absolute fullest.

And of course, what tech-savvy Christmas wish list would be complete without an HDR camera.

It’s all about documenting memories as we make them these days, and the camera is the perfect tool to have on-the-go — especially when you have that must-capture-moment.

It’s true that smartphones for capturing special moments, but we all know someone who simply won’t risk quality. And that’s why a premium compact camera is the answer. Cameras like Nikon D850 & Canon G7X Mark II.

Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket yet powerful enough to be versatile when you need them. Get your photographer or vlogger pals a reason to rejoice in the Holidays with a compact DSLR camera that will fit their needs.

What kind of technology are you planning to give away this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it. Tap that bell icon and subscribe to Scoopfed TV for more techy content and interesting facts. Thanks for watching! We’ll catch ya next time!

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