Top 3 Career Opportunities Created by AI in the Future

The Scoop: The talk that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the reason why people will lose their jobs is circulating the web. However, that being said, AI isn’t that all bad. Why? This is because AI is now making way to make new jobs for people. Find out the career opportunities created by AI.

Artificial Intelligence is making waves in the new and improved dealing with the digital world. Especially with Big Data helping it. Routine and tedious tasks will be delegated to our virtual companions and where does that leave us? There are many talks that AI is going to slowly take over our jobs.

However, research shows that that is not the case. Instead of taking away our jobs, it seems that AI is paving a way to create new job opportunities for people.

Without further ado, here are the top three categories where career opportunities created by AI will branch out from for humans to fill in the future.

AI Trainers

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As mentioned by many articles on the internet, AI is useless without the input of humans. It also applies to machine learning. Even if they can teach themselves, how will they be able to learn something new without references? Humans are the best resources where AI can get new knowledge from in order to improve themselves.

Therefore, humans can become AI trainers for new and upcoming AI. They will be able to educate AI the do’s and dont’s with regards to behaving with other people. They can also work to customize AI behavior that befits the intended users for the AI.

Intelligence Explainers


Aside from human trainers who will teach AIs the functions of human society, Explainers will be tasked with the duty to educate their fellow humans regarding AI. These people are essential in ensuring that technologists, entrepreneurs, the general public and many more are on the same page with regards to an AI project.

As the AI system becomes more evolved and sophisticated, Explainers will have their work cut out for them as they educate themselves with the new developments and relaying that information to people with little to no knowledge in the matter. They will also introduce the basics and fundamentals of how and for what purpose these AI work.

Machine Sustainers


Despite the benefits that the AI can do, there are threats that are revolving around it. And no, the threat doesn’t come from the AI itself but from the people around it. Bear in mind that AIs are incapable of thinking for themselves without the first few sets of human input. Therefore, AIs can be a real problem when they are being used maliciously.

Sustainers are the people who act as the police with regards to the security and safety of these AIs from hackers and criminals of the internet. They will ensure that AI is used for its intended purposes and its capabilities are not abused. They will also set limits and penalties to AI-powered tools to make sure that they follow legal rules and ethical regulations.

Working With AI, Not Against

In the end, human needs AIs and AIs need humans. This situation calls for a give-and-take where both parties can benefit from each other. Therefore, we should be working with AI and not against them in order to make a more productive and manageable.

So what do you think the jobs that AI is capable of giving in the future?

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