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Top 3 Online Trolls that Will Creep the Heck Out of You

The Scoop: It is no secret that the internet is a place where people get to do what they want whatever they want. Due to the fact that they can change and alter their identity in the virtual world, it is easier for trolls to wreck havoc. Check these online trolls that will creep the heck out of you.

The internet is a place where people in the real world can escape and be free from the restrictions of the society. However, that freedom can be abused and encourage other people to commit mean and creepy things that they can’t do in real life. Online trolls are just some of the despicable beings you can find on the internet.

These trolls get their happiness from upsetting people, making other people fight each other, submitting irrelevant posts and many more. However, there will be times when these trolls step beyond the border of their already annoying container. They become creeps of the highest order.

Check out from of those online trolls that will creep the heck out of you. Keep them away from kids as well.

Griefers Invade Kids’ World in Minecraft

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Griefers are kind of people that make it their mission to make people miserable around them for their own enjoyment. Griefing is not uncommon in the world of Minecraft, especially if the players are connected online with their own worlds. This is where griefers access other players servers and start their mission by destroying buildings with lava or creating nude pixel arts as well as swastikas.

However, griefers that target kids’ world are the lowest of the low as well as creepy from preying on the vulnerable and naive. What’s more creepy is that these heartless griefers monetize children’s screams and cries on YouTube featuring them there like some prized trophies. Although there are some griefers who admitted to the act, they also state that they are doing it as revenge for being mean to them. However, doing it to kids? Not cool.

Trollers Add Fake Deaths After Disasters

death certificate
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Death is not something to joked about or taken lightly. However, online trollers don’t seem to mind that. These days, trolls are capable of announcing you dead online which makes this one of the creepiest things to experience in real life. This is most common after disasters happen such as suicide bombings and mass shootings.

One of the scenarios of this happening started after a tweet of a person that someone in their family was believed to be one of the people who died. Most of the victims of such trolling are people who are easy to Google such as celebrities and good-looking folks. So unless that you are going to post on the internet and send proof that you are alive, you are practically dead to the world. These trolls really do know when to have their fun. What better moment than just after a tragedy?

Your Baby’s Photos Can Be “Adopted” Online


After Facebook’s dilemma with asking their users if older men can have access to children’s sexual photos, look out for trolls that steal baby photos and “adopt” them. How do they do this? It all starts with the suspicious spike of your followers. They are watching your account and they steal the photos of your babies to claim them as their own on their own accounts.

These trolls rename your babies, make up all of their information such as weight, height, likes, dislikes, etc. And what’s more, they will use these baby photos to role-play with other users on Instagram. Here is what the role-plays usually roll.

User: Do you like flowers?

Baby Photo Stealer: *plays with a rose petal from the ground* I wuv fwowers!

Cringy? Heck yeah! It may all seem harmless at first but things can escalate quickly, it seems. If you are a parent, can you imagine looking at your son’s baby photo asking other women users to get “nakey” and breastfeed from them? Now that’s creepy. Not to mention gross to even sexualize the act of breastfeeding.

A Line Between Funny and Creepy in Trolling

There is good trolling, bad trolling, and freaking weird trolling. There is a line between funny and creepy when trolling on the internet. If you are a troll, know your bounds.

So what kind of trolling have you experienced from above?

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