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Top 3 Best Wireless Headphones For You

The Scoop: Music is the food for our soul as many have said. However, there are times when headphones are needed and those cords and wires are just a bother. Check some of the best wireless headphones that you can use!

Music and sounds are one of the important senses that people depend on. It is also what makes games and watching videos even more meaningful.

However, there will be moments when other people don’t appreciate the tunes that you are listening to. Other times, you don’t want to disturb someone or that you wanted to experience your gaming or movie watching further. Although those cords and wires can snag and sometimes ruin your experience. If that’s the case, then that calls for wireless headphones.

Here are the best headphones for you to check out and buy!

Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony’s previous version of  MDR-1000X looks a bit similar to Sony WH-1000XM2. However, it is packed with new and improved features while still looking like the model you trusted and loved. Sony headphones also excel in the noise-canceling department which makes this one of the best wireless headphone models you can have.


  • Longer battery life(which can take up to 30 hours) compared to predecessors
  • Customizable settings through a companion app
  • Noise-canceling feature is tuned down when held on the right ear cup


  • Noise-cancellation feature is shut down if you don’t play music even if noise-cancellation is what you only need
  • Can be a bit pricey

Price: $348

Blue Satellite

Blue Satellite
Via Digital Trends

Blue is a company well-known for their microphones. However, they recently began to venture into headphone territory and try to make a mark. It seems that they are heading in the right direction and on the right foot. What makes this headphone to make it on this list is the built-in amplifier which made excellent sound quality.


  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Impressive passive noise-cancellation
  • Excellent audio quality


  • A bit expensive
  • Uncomfortable clamping fit

Price: $399.99

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose has been the leading brand when it comes to excellent noise-canceling features with Sony catching up to them. The QuietComfort series has been giving user impressive performance as well as comfort by weighing less compared to competitors. Bose QuietComfort 35 II is also an improved version from Bose QuietComfort 35 adding the Google Assistant button feature.


  • Google Assistant button for quick access to the digital help
  • Impressive wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Battery life is not efficient enough
  • Not really the best of designs

Price: $349.00

Happy Listening to Your Favorite Tunes

Our moods are sometimes influenced by the music that we listen to. And the quality of music depends on the medium where we are playing it from. Quality is more apparent and obvious when you are using headphones. Therefore, best wireless headphones give the best quality.

So what is your favorite wireless headphones?

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