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ReviewVio is a leading company that protects your credibility online, promotes consumer loyalty, and lets you engage with your customers easily. ReviewVio’s goal is to protect the integrity of 1,000 companies around the United States online. They support over 1,000 companies through a range of online review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more to delete negative online reviews that create a great impact on your business. 

As business owners, we all know how negative reviews are affecting our business. With that, you need a team to work on it manually to capture, respond and delete bad reviews. But, why not get a review management tool like ReviewVio to work on all of your reviews and had it done without spending too much time and money.

With ReviewVio, their team of professional delete bad reviews, fake and misleading feedback on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. You can guarantee a fast approach because their technology prevents up to 90 percent of potential negative reviews. 

Depending on your needs, you can select one of their four plan choices. ReviewVio offers all of these benefits to a wide variety of business types and sizes. To learn more about how the review management tool works for you, here is a rundown. 

Review Management Tool from ReviewVio can let you:

Reviews Timeline

With a review management tool from ReviewVio, you can see all your top rating reviews from Yelp, Facebook, and Google all in one place. You can easily see the ratings, positive and negative reviews from your dashboard.

You don’t have to visit each site to find your business reviews when this platform can give you what you wanted. You can save a lot of time and focus on responding to their feedback.

Reply to Reviews 

With real-time notifications or updates from the review management tool, you can easily read and reply to reviews. React instantly and develop valuable trust from your customers. Engaging with your clients shows how you value them, and they will have more faith in your brand.

Review Verification

One thing that makes review management from ReviewVio beneficial for your business is that before your invites are sent to your clients, all review requests are pre-verified. For feedback not requested, manual verification is available. It sends only checked feedback to Google. 

With this, you can easily filter positive reviews and remove negative reviews that might affect your business.

Review Revisions

ReviewVio’s review management tool helps you review revision. When a customer provides a bad review about your business, you can easily solve it when you know what was wrong with your customer service. 

Review sites are becoming the most effective and authoritative online analysis resources, making management of online reviews important. Customers love to see reviews to vet their options, making it easy for them to decide if they will buy your product or not. 

  • To browse for goods and services, about 97 percent of customers already use the Internet. 
  • Online reviews inform 93% of the purchase decisions of customers. In reality, as much as a personal recommendation, 91 percent trust online reviews. 

Effects of Negative Reviews on Businesses

Loss of revenue

Bad reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp have a huge impact on your sales, according to Womply’s studies. Forbes estimates that a business with poor reviews is rejected by 94 percent of customers.

Undermine business reputation

The power of negative feedback is to destroy the reputation that you have developed for years. They make prospective consumers trust the company less. Most individuals do not buy from a shop with a poor name and questionable integrity. The quality of a business with negative feedback is challenged by 50 percent of customers. 

Drive customers away

Negative reviews are effective in chasing clients away from your company to your rivals. Research reveals that 22 percent of prospects, about 30 clients, are pushed away by one negative review.

Low search engine ranking

Review ratings influence the way search engines rate your business. Negative ratings make the company poorly rated because search engines recommend users to the best businesses. 

Decrease profitability

By pushing away customers and decreasing your sales, negative reviews minimize your profitability. Also, your profitability has a toll on the expense of rectifying your tarnished reputation.

ReviewVio assists businesses across the globe to leverage the influence of online reviews. When businesses take this opportunity to make their business better with online reviews, they are for sure on the right path. Ensure that as a business owner, monitor your online reviews to see how your brand is well represented online. 

Get a review management tool today from ReviewVio, and you can guarantee a well-protected business reputation.

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