The Big Reveal: Nintendo Switch Lite is Coming in 2 Months!

In the days leading up to this month, numerous reports around the internet teased that Nintendo was in the process of developing a smaller and cheaper reprise of the Nintendo Switch and its games.

And now, the Nintendo Switch Lite has been revealed. It’s designed largely for portable play, and is going to launch in the middle of September. But what makes it attractive to a lot of players is that it’s going to be sold at a lower price point paired with notable features.

I guess you can call it an affordable alternative to the more well-known Switch model.

Of course, it can’t be helped that there are still a lot of questions about the coming Nintendo Switch Lite. The most notable one being how moving between two systems can work. But despite that, Nintendo did let people in on a lot of information.

A great number of details have been generously revealed; things like a release date, specs, and what games would be compatible with it. And if you’re wondering how it could compare to the original Switch, then we’ve compiled a bunch of facts and specifics about the latest model that’s about to come out.

Nintendo Switch Lite Specifications

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A lot of the key components present in the Switch are more or less the same. However, Switch Lite still uses a custom Nvidia Tegra GPU and is equipped with the 32 GB of internal storage. And of course, you can expand the memory with a microSD.

And as for size, the Nintendo Switch Lite is physically smaller than its former counterpart. The original Switch measured 4″ x 9.4″ x 0.55″, while the Switch Lite is 3.6″ x 8.2″ x 0.55″. For this reason, it also weighs less. Where the original weighed 0.88 lbs with the Joy-Cons attached, Switch Lite weighs 0.61 lbs.

It’s got a smaller screen size too. From the original 6.2″ to 5.5″.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t keen on offering support for connecting listening devices via Bluetooth. However, it does have a standard headphone jack. But for those people who have been hoping for a Switch to finally let the direct use of Bluetooth headphones, you shouldn’t be expecting much.

For those wondering about color schemes, the Nintendo Switch Lite will launch in three different colors: turquoise, gray, and yellow. In addition, the company will also be releasing a special edition Pokemon model on November 8 — a little ahead of the official release of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Also, Nintendo hasn’t announced any specifics, but the company did say it is working on a transfer feature. As you’ve probably figured, it will let you transfer data from the standard Switch to the Lite version. There aren’t any details about this yet, but I’m sure we’ll get them soon as the release date draws nearer and nearer.

How is Nintendo Switch Lite any different?

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Aside from the specifics in technological features, one of the Lite’s defining features is that it’s tailored specially for handheld use. Remember, the Nintendo Switch can be used as both a portable device or home console. Needless to say, you can’t use the Switch Lite on a television.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch Lite features a solid body. That simply means it won’t be having detachable Joy-Con controllers. There’s no rumble or IR sensor either.

They’re making it clear that it’s going to be designed for handheld play. It does boast a true D-pad however, in place of directional buttons found on standard Joy-Cons. The latter will still be compatible with the Switch lite, though.

Cost and Release Date

In the United States, the Nintendo Switch Lite will be retailing for $200 USD. That’s a $100 off of the standard Nintendo Switch. And as for international pricing specifics, they aren’t announced yet. But at least now, you know what to expect with the pricing details.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be launching worldwide on September 20, 2019.

You ready to get your hands on that new device?

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