Google On the Roll: Everything About Google Lens Update

With technology, everything that you do becomes easier. For example, if you are clueless of the place where you will be going, you can just click the google maps. These digital applications have been almost everyone’s companion while they are on a trip. And, there’s a good news to all the wanderlusts out there. There is a Google Lens update and that includes Google maps.

According to Tech Crunch, it feels like the user have jumped inside the Street View. “In the interface, the Google Maps user interface is at the bottom of the screen, while the camera is showing you what’s in front of you. There’s even an animated guide (a fox) who you can follow to find your way.”

Upon opening up your camera app, you might get surprised with the different features it contains. To avoid any confusions, below are the things you need to know about the Google Lens update.

Makes travel easier


If you think that the old Google Map app doesn’t give accurate directions, wait until you know the new Google update. As a traveller, these are the things that you can expect if you will be using the new Google Lens:

  • Identifies building/establishment
  • Distinguishes dog breeds
  • Knows the components of the text
  • Focuses on given locations

Keeps shopping convenient


Google lens update is not only for people who loves to travel, but for every users who are seeking products that matches their preference. Finding the exact product is one of the problems of shoppers. But, with the help of Google Lens update, you won’t need to experience the difficulty of having looking for the perfect outfit. How can it be possible? Here’s how.

Google upgraded visual search engine

If you are looking for a good outfit, easy-to-do recipes, and other things you want to buy, Google has the solution for that, the Google Image Search. There are two major changes that Google made to their image search. Below are the changes it made according to Search Engine Journal.

  • First change: removes Google’s “view image” button
  • Second change: removes the “search by image” button

As stated by the Head of Product for Google’s Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Vision-based products (Lens), Aparna Chennapragada, “The camera  is not just answering questions, but putting the answers right where the questions are.”

Helps in creating plans


Looking for restaurants that will match your food taste is already hard. But, what if you will going to get a place that your co-workers will love? With the use of the new Google Maps and Google Lens updates, it will be easier for you to create a list of places that can be shared with your friends for you to get their suggestions. A person can vote for a specific place, and if a particular place won, you won’t end up bickering about the restaurant you want to eat

Google has been active in creating newest updates for almost all of their products. The latest changes they did for Google News and Gmail give the user chances to keep their work secured, free from scams, and efficient as they converse with the people they are talking to.

Featured Image Source: Tech Crunch

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