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Funny Things Our Parents Do On Facebook

Almost everyone of us are “friends” with our parents on social media, especially Facebook. Not because you willingly accepted their friend request, but you are obliged to do so, because if you don’t, then goodbye to your internet connection. Now that technology is available for almost everybody, our parents also take advantage of these social media to keep in touch or let’s say, know what are the things you’re up to. So, I asked some of my friends about their parent’s Facebook habits and put this list together. Read below to know what your parents do during their free time.

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1. Well, it’s a good news that our parents know how to use computers and other gadgets. The bad news? They will send you invites and requests on your Facebook. Your dad won’t stop sending you Candy Crush and other game requests. Your mom will be an instant auto liker and “likes” everything you post or share on Facebook. Trust me, this is what you’ll get after hitting that “confirm” button.

2. Mention you in their status updates even if it’s not that related to you. What’s worse is, they will mention you on a post and tell the whole world how much they love you. Sweet? Err, maybe not. Yeah of course you do appreciate it, but it sounds more cheesy and you don’t want your friends to know about it, especially if you’re a guy, going to a university and have a girlfriend. They can always say that in private, right?

3. Will comment on your friends’ status updates. So, what’s wrong? Spilling out your hidden secrets or telling your friends what you are exactly doing even though you made an excuse to your friends why you can’t go and hang out with them. You are also concerned that your parents are better friends with your friends than you are.

4. Post pictures of the family gatherings with your cousins, nephews or nieces, and even pets included. They will “tag” the photo to every person related to the picture, to your aunts, uncles, other relatives whom you haven’t seen for a long time or jut knew on Facebook. They also tend to post every single thing they do with their friends. You are positive that you’ve never seen those people before in your life.

5. Posts with Caps lock on. For some reason, parents often do this, especially on things that do not require caps lock. THIS CAN REALLY BE ANNOYING and you just wished that Caps lock were not invented. Yet, this seems funny at all seeing your dad or mom posting something like that.

6. There are also things that our dads and moms do on Facebook that we love. Remember, they will be the first “liker” of your status or post. They can convince their friends to like the page or photo you want to gain instant likes for a contest aside from getting services like from AmbitionTraffic. They can share some good advice or quotations for you to share with your friends. You’ll be proud of your parents, because at least they’re tech-savvy.

7. Stalk You. Enough Said.

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