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Top 3 Must-Visit Maps on Fortnite’s Creative Mode

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December 6, 2018: the release date of a game mode that unlocks a lot of opportunities for imaginative players on Fortnite. The arrival of the Creative mode for Season 7 has led to many impressive and nostalgic structures being built already.

Today, we’ll give you our top 3 picks for Creative mode’s awesome builds.

Pick number 3: The Enigma Castle

You know what’s better than recreating maps from the movies? Making your own grandiose map that hits every player’s sweet spots. The Enigma Castle created by Reddit user Nepalchemist is one such place. The map is teeming with greenery, and sprawling with bushes, trees, and all manner of towering battlements to practice on.

Pick number 2: Inception

One of the craziest maps to try out in Fortnite Creative Mode: the Inception Map. YouTube user Hellraiser did a magnificent job recreating the landscape and the idea behind the movie, Inception. Bet you didn’t think Fortnite was capable of confusing the hell out of its players, but this map succeeds at doing just that.

Better prepare for a trippy gaming experience. Oh and good luck figuring out which side is up or down and which direction if left or right.

Pick number 1: Nuketown from Call of Duty

YouTuber XFitJesus created his version of Nuketown in Fortnite. Nuketown is one of the most recognizable COD maps every. It was originally included in Black Ops 1, and has went on to get featured in numerous titles. Eventually, it’s become a fan favorite in the CoD community.

This Nuketown comes complete with the 2 houses on either side of the map; along with the bus and the truck located at the very center.

And a sweet sweet bonus:

The Teen Titans Tower

Check out YouTuber WhosChaos as they decide to screw the Creative Mode, and just build the Giant T. It’s not the T-series tower; just the Teen Titans tower.

And there’s also no way we’d pass up AlariZ’s Great Wall of China on Creative Mode. You gotta admit. That takes a lot meticulous building to complete.

Have you created any maps on Fortnite’s Creative Mode? Tell us about it in the comments below. And give this video a thumbs up if you’re up for checking out these maps as you play Fortnite. Give that little bell icon a tap and subscribe so you can keep seeing more of Scoopfed TV’s latest videos. Thank you for watching, and we’ll catch ya next time.

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